Dual-Outlet, Heavy-Duty Volumetric Feeder 9200

July 12, 2016

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Dual-Outlet, Heavy-Duty Volumetric Feeder
Metalfab's HDV dual-outlet, heavy-duty volumetric feeder

Metalfab has designed and manufactured a dual-outlet, heavy-duty volumetric feeder that, in conjunction with the Metalfab Posibin, meters powder with near gravimetric accuracy.

This combination eliminates the need to disassemble upstream and downstream equipment to reclaim unused powders remaining in the bin or silo.  
Fracking stages can require various materials. These materials, such as guar gum, can be expensive so inventory control is critical. Until now, unused materials were often forfeited in lieu of the expensive downtime required to reclaim it. The HDV feeder makes reclaiming material fast and easy with no disassembly required and no downtime.
The HDV reversible screw feeder can be reversed with the flip of a switch, allowing you to empty the contents of your bin or silo into a bulk bag or drum. The material can be used in another stage of your process or received back into inventory.
Standard features include: heavy-duty stainless steel construction; 2B mill finish; sizes from Ø4-Ø16 in. There are manual or automated discharge valves on each outlet.
Metalfab Inc., Vernon, NJ 800-764-2999 www.metalfabinc.com

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