Chempro, Mo-Fuel Join Forces for Advanced Cellulose Ethanol Technology

October 19, 2009

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Chempro, Mo-Fuel Join Forces for Advanced Cellulose Ethanol Technology

The ChemPro Group LLC of Boonton, NJ, and Mo-Fuel (Rural Bio-waste) of Sikeston, MO, have formed an alliance to commercialize a patented process that will economically and efficiently produce ethanol from cellulose feedstocks. According to Steve Lavorerio, president of ChemPro, the process can handle a full spectrum of cellulosic feedstock, from wood chips and pulp-and-paper-plant byproducts to corn stover, rice straw, grass, and even municipal waste.

“The process is unique,” said Dr. Ted Lewis, president and owner of Mo-Fuel (Rural Bio-waste) and holder of the patent rights. “According to an independent study done by the Department of Energy, the process has the potential for considerable economic savings, as well as reducing the U.S.’s dependence on foreign oil.”

“The process, which lends itself to modular construction, is also economical as an add-on to existing corn ethanol plants,” said Lavorerio. “It can process the low-value waste product with the potential to increase yields of ethanol by 15% and improve the value of by-products by 50%.”

The technology, a continuous catalytic hydrolysis, produces a high conversion of biomass feedstock into fuel-grade ethanol and has a low residence time compared to other processes. The equipment required is compact, ideally suited for modularization so that plants can be located right at the source of feedstock. “ChemPro’s modular expertise makes the company an ideal partner for designing and building the units,” said Lewis.

The first step being taken by the alliance is the construction of a mobile feedstock testing unit that will be used to generate process data from various types of cellulosic feedstock. The unit is expected to be operational in early 2010.

The ChemPro Group is experienced in designing and building modular ethanol production plants. The company’s core business is modular process equipment and systems, including skid-mounted equipment, stand-alone modular process units, and multi-unit complete modular process plants. ChemPro’s expertise integrates pre-project planning, process conceptualization and design, equipment engineering, detailed design, modular fabrication, and technical support. The company’s specialty is state-of-the-art techniques and project controls to design and deliver complete modular process packages quickly and cost-effectively, with minimal effect on existing plant operations.

Mo-Fuel is the Energy Division of Menaje Negocios Corp., a company specializing in innovations developed from cutting-edge technology in the sciences of quantum energy processes, medicine, dental materials, radiology, aviation, maritime sciences, SCUBA technology, and diagnostics. It has been involved in the design and operation of alcohol fuel systems since 1973.

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