See How M&Ms are Made at a Mars Inc. Factory

This classic Food Network piece allows viewers to see how one of America’s most popular candies is manufactured.

John S. Forrester, former Managing Editor

February 22, 2021

This segment produced by Food Network takes us inside of a Mars Inc. production plant in New Jersey to see how M&M candies are made. Viewers observe how the chocolate product reaches its ideal crystalline structure after mixing and heating and cooling processes. A sifter is used to separate excess chocolate and then the shaped chocolate is coated with the bright colors we know and love.  

Colors including red, orange, yellow, green and blue are applied to M&M candies using a spray process, allowing Mars Inc. to evenly coat the product. After production, the product is bagged and then put into cases using robots. The cases are then palletized for distribution.

Powder and bulk solids professionals should take note of dazzling array of colors moving through the production line and the array of technology used to produce this extremely popular candy.

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John S. Forrester

former Managing Editor, Powder & Bulk Solids

John S. Forrester is the former managing editor of Powder & Bulk Solids.

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