Nestle Praises New FDA Nutrition Facts Label Final Rule

May 23, 2016

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Nestle Praises New FDA Nutrition Facts Label Final Rule
A Nestle Kit-Kat bar. Image courtesy of Nestle.

In response to a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) final rule making changes to the nutrition and supplemental facts labels on food products issued Friday, Nestle made a statement Monday praising the agency’s ruling.

“Nestle applauds the FDA for taking these bold steps that will help consumers make more informed choices in the grocery aisle,” Paul Bakus, president of Nestle Corporate Affairs, said in the statement. “We share the FDA’s continued commitment to public health and will continue our ongoing journey to improve the nutritional quality of our foods and beverages.”

As reported previously by Powder & Bulk Solids, the changes include a redesign of the label to more prominently feature calories and serving size, new terms for listing serving size, stricter disclosure requirements for “added sugars,” the removal of “calories from fat” data on labels, and others.

Many of the changes are apparently in response to soaring obesity rates in the US and changes in the way that Americans consume food.

Nestle said it “specifically” supports the new measures regarding an increase in font size for calorie counts on the labels, more realistic serving size parameters, and the inclusion of the amount of “added sugars” on lables.

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