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Explosion protection meets careful bulk conveying

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Central drying system for plastic granulateImage courtesy of Simar GmbH

Simar GmbH, a global specialist in applications and solutions relating to drying technology and the handling of bulk goods, is now a member of the REMBE Alliance.

This partnership offers new opportunities by the upgrading of the Simar systems and its careful conveying technology with the explosion protection solution from REMBE. Even special challenges such as the gentle conveying of sensitive bulk goods or heavily flowing powders are among the specialist areas of Simar and its experts.

With decades of experience, the Swabian company provides complete solutions and process technologies for plant construction in a range of areas of use with various goods. Whether plastic granulate, pharmaceutical products, or even flavor-sensitive goods with a high sensitivity to breakage or abrasion such as coffee or tea, Simar offers full packages, including conveying, drying, mixing, and dispensing.

The services provided range from consulting and installation to commissioning. The engineers and experts from Simar are supporters and partners of their customers, who come both from the direct processing industry and plant construction.

Simar has recently expanded its product range with the development of eDRY and eVOC. eDRY is a newly patented drying method for granulate. The highest energy efficiency is achieved here with near climatic independence. eVOC enables the VOC content to be reduced during the preparation, manufacture, and further processing of plastics. The functional principle is based on the maximum volatilization of the often unpleasant smelling VOCs, which are contained in many everyday products.

Thanks to the broad use of eVoc, Simar is making an important contribution to the health of numerous end users and manufacturers, as well as to the environmental aspects.

Public funding and collaboration with various universities and plant manufacturers underscore the high-quality standards that apply from the start of development through to the series production of eDRY and eVOC.

Simar has been a member of the REMBE Alliance headed by REMBE GmbH Safety + Control since December 2020. Headquartered in the Sauerland, the company is a global market leader for explosion safety solutions and explosion venting systems. Thanks to the support of REMBE and the targeted use of its safety devices, Simar GmbH can thus expand its range of explosion safety equipment and now offer optimized, dust explosion-safe plants.

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