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December 2, 2011

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Technology Review

Ribbon Blenders
These ribbon blenders cater to a wide range of bulk densities, suitable for industrial or sanitary applications. All units are direct driven by an inverter-ready gear motor, an integral design that does not suffer from losses in horsepower and efficiency through slippage like belt- and chain-driven blenders. Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are usually supplied with these blenders for convenient soft start and agitator speed control. Standard models as large as 1000 cu ft are being offered, while custom units with larger capacities, vacuum/pressure capability, sight ports, spray bars, pneumatically-operated covers and discharge valves, heating/cooling jacket, explosion-proof motors, or PLC controls can also be supplied with fast delivery times. Charles Ross & Son Co., Hauppauge, NY 800-243-7677

Catch Cloths
Catch cloths of 18-gauge vinyl are available for installation under conveyors in the food processing and baking industries. Catch cloths prevent errant product from dropping onto other lines or being transferred throughout the plant. They facilitate plant cleanup by confining spillage in one area. Custom sizing and grommet placement are available to fit beneath any conveyor. AFF can duplicate straights, 45° and 90° turns, and S-curves, as well as add dump chutes or funnels for high-volume applications. Catch cloth installation service is also available. American Fabric Filter Co., Wesley Chapel, FL 800-367-3591

Emergency Lighting Fixtures
The HLEL series of emergency lighting fixtures offers a fiberglass reinforced gray polyester housing suitable for use in indoor hazardous environments like oil and gas production, industrial manufacturing, wastewater treatment plants, or other interior areas where hazardous gasses and dusts are present. They are available with tungsten or halogen PAR 36 lamp heads in multiple wattages and with an optional shatter-resistant shield. There are also lead calcium and nickel cadmium battery options. On demand and optional self testing assure that the fixture can be manufactured to meet your specific needs. Rig-A-Lite, Houston, TX 713-943-0340

Ceramic Bead-Filled Wearing Compound
The DFense Blok quick patch is a ceramic bead-filled wear and abrasion epoxy formulated for emergency repairs to processing equipment, even in severe conditions. With a working time of 4 minutes and a fast cure time (functional cure in just 30 minutes), it is ideal for the emergency patching and repairing of holes, leaks, and cracks. By protecting against wear, abrasion, and corrosion, it extends the equipment’s service life and minimizes downtime. ITW Devcon, Danvers, MA 800-933-8266

Manganese Hard Casting
Kalmetall-C manganese hard castings are available for a wide range of applications including structural elements subject to wear or as replaceable wear parts. They are impact hardening materials with the core remaining relatively tough. Kalmetall-C, a low carbon cast iron with a high manganese content, offers advantages for hammers, scrapers, and more, when subjected to impact load. They are particularly cost effective when produced in large quantities. Abresist Kalenborn Corp., Urbana, IN 800-348-0717

Vibrators and Drives for Hoppers and Bins
This full line of BEST heavy-duty air-powered-piston and rotary-electric vibrators and drives is designed for bins, hoppers, chutes, screeners, vibratory feeders, conveyors, tables, and other vibratory applications. They all provide continuous maximum-force operation — from 30 to more than 40,000 lb. These dust-tight, splash-proof motors perform in harsh environments including dirt, rain, and snow. Heavy-duty construction — including ductile-iron castings, steel end covers, and high-alloy fasteners — assures long life. Motors are available in 3600-, 1200-, and 900-RPM models, from 1/50 to 17½ hp. All units can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Metso, Brunswick, OH 800-827-9237

This new Rotoform system has a solidification capacity one third greater than the company’s existing high-speed model. The increased capacity of the new Rotoform HS2000 is achieved through the use of a wider depositor and steel belt, enabling throughput rates of up to 400 TPD. The system is based on the same principle as other Rotoforms in the range, with the product to be solidified being deposited in the form of droplets across a continuously running steel belt. As the steel belt travels along the system, cold water is sprayed against the underside, and heat is transferred from the droplets – via the steel belt – to the cooling water. This controlled solidification ensures the production of premium quality monogranules of 2-4 mm in diameter. With virtually no dust or vapor emissions and no need for subsequent screening, remelting, or de-watering, the process has minimal environmental impact and satisfies all current international legislation. Sandvik Process Systems, Fair Lawn, NJ 201-794-5165

Wireless Control for Fork-Mounted Drum Rackers
Users can perform drum racking with wireless drum tilt function for maximum control, precision, and efficiency. Plus, tilting control is easily alternated between the wireless option and the direct wire pendant option as applications require. Racker response is brisk and without interference from other RF sources due to a strong 300-ft range, and 900MHz frequency hopping. The rackers slide quickly onto forks to move drums on and off racks, pallets, trucks, and more, with virtually zero clearance between drums. Safety is greatly enhanced as compared to other drum racking methods, and drums may be handled with faucets in place so that drum racks add functionality as dispensing stations. Morse Manufacturing Company, Inc., East Syracuse, NY 315-437-8475

Bagger Vacuum
The WS2320 Bagger Vac is a portable intermittent-duty vacuum featuring a direct bagging system for safe, easy, and complete dust-free emptying. With MicroClean filtration, it’s ideal for tough jobs requiring larger hoses and more than one operator. The WS2320 emits zero dust and minimizes any contact with its contents, keeping users safe from harmful materials in the process. It is universally compatible with almost any type of bagging container, eliminating the need to purchase expensive, specialized bags. An external gravity drop system, combined with the ability to separate dust and debris, increases your vacuum’s collection capacity and filter life, reducing costs and maintenance time. It’s also available in 110- and 220-V models, includes a 2.75-in. inlet, is fully grounded, made from a durable compression cast housing, and has the option to upgrade to HEPA or ULPA filtration. Ruwac, Holyoke, MA 413-532-4030

Dry Vacuum Chemical Pump
This new range of dry pumps delivers high vacuum performance in harsh chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical processes. The easy-to-use CXS pumps feature cutting edge tapered screw technology, are reliable, are simple to install, environmentally friendly, and give improved liquid and solids handling. As a result, they are economical to run and users can optimize their vacuum processes and minimize overall cost of ownership. CXS pumps enable users to minimize their environmental impact. They provide all the advantages of dry pumps, with low energy usage and utility costs, deep and flexible vacuum down to 10-3 mbar, no contamination of the process stream or cooling water, and no effluent generation. Edwards, Tewksbury, MA 800-848-9800

CE Compliant Safety Air Guns
This family of safety air guns (Precision Safety Air Gun, Soft Grip Safety Air Gun, Heavy-Duty Safety Air Gun, and Super Blast Safety Air Gun) is used for blowoff, drying, or cleaning needs. Independent laboratory tests certify that these guns have also met the rigorous safety, health, and environmental standards of the European Union in order to attain the CE mark. They use engineered air nozzles to maximize entrainment of room air while minimizing compressed air consumption. The Precision Safety Air Gun is extremely lightweight and the most comfortable to operate during periods of extended use. The small diameter nozzles will fit into tight spaces while providing strong blowing force. The Heavy Duty and Soft Grip Safety Air Guns have a durable cast aluminum body for rugged industrial use and are available with extension pipes and stay set hoses. Super Blast Safety Air Guns provide the strongest blowing force – ideal for long distance, wide area blowoff, cooling, and drying applications. Exair Corp., Cincinnati, OH 800-903-9247

Rotary Airlock Feeder
The Klean-in-Place rotary airlock feeder is a special purpose valve suited for dairy, pharmaceutical, food, baking, chemical, paint, and powder coating plants. No tools are required to simply remove the head plate, which is attached to the valve housing with easily unscrewed release handles. The four slide bar supports, using linear bearings, provide maximum support of the rotor while it’s pulled out, and the valve can be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and inspected in a short time. This feature makes the Klean-in-Place ideal when frequent cleaning and sanitary service are required to prevent product contamination. It is also effective in batch systems demanding regular cleaning between cycles. The design incorporates a built-in device that automatically reestablishes the close dimensional tolerances between the rotor and housing and a safety interlock switch. The valve is available with square or round flanges, standard airlock options, and USDA and sanitary construction. The Klean-in-Place also meets the 3A Sanitary Standards. Wm. W. Meyer & Sons Inc., Libertyville, IL 847-918-0111

Bin Activator
The patented silo discharger features a vertical spindle fitted with flexible blades to ensure the mechanical discharge of dry solid materials from silos, rigid bins, or hoppers. It rotates within the container bottom cone to prevent non flowing materials from jamming, bridging, compacting, or ratholing caused by vibration or fluidization systems. Designed for difficult dry chemicals, the mechanical unloader can also be used with many chemicals such as plastic pellets, granulates, flour, salts, etc. The mechanical bin activator gently and efficiently discharges dry solids from silos, bins, and containers but also integrates 1, 2, 3, and/or 4 precise volumetric screw feeders. Sodimate Inc., Chicago, IL 773-665-8800

Abrasion-Resistant Ceramic Feeder
Lined with a thick ceramic coating that is designed to resist the most abrasive material, this rugged feeder offers heavy-duty design and construction resulting in longer life of the feeder. Features include: 2.54 mm-thick ceramic bore; tungsten carbide throat protection; heavy-duty fabricated 8-vane rotor; 2.54 mm-thick tungsten carbide rotor vane and shroud tips; cast body and end plate; air purge seal connections; air gap between seals and bearings; outboard sealed ball bearings; with a maximum operating temperature of 350°F. It is suitable for abrasive applications including fly ash, gold ore, rutile ore, sand, feldspar, alumina, kaolin clay, raw limestone, lignite, cement; diatomaceous earth, copper concentrate, and more. FLSmidth Inc., Bethlehem, PA 800-523-9482

Vacuum Dryers
Rota-Cone vacuum dryers feature a clean internal design that provides complete product discharge and easy cleanout. Vacuum drying lowers the evaporation temperature of liquids which improves heat and mass transfer and protects temperature-sensitive products. Working capacities from 0.1 to 400 cu ft. Complete systems are available including vacuum, solvent recovery, and heating packages. Additional options include high-pressure half-pipe jacket (shown), liquid addition, high-speed lump breakers, automated drum loading and discharging, inert gas purging, and PLC controls. Paul O. Abbe Inc., Bensenville, IL 800-524-2188

Extracted Key Adaptor
The E1 extracted key adaptor has been added to the amGard range of modular safety gate switch interlocks. The E1 ensures that the door to hazardous machinery cannot be opened without removing the safety key, and the machinery cannot then be restarted until the key is returned. The mechanism is designed to trap an actuator in the head unit until the key is removed, which then allows the ‘gate’ to swing over the keyhole. While the actuator remains out of the head, the gate remains over the keyhole, preventing the key being returned to the lock. Fortress Interlocks, Erlanger, KY 859-578-2390

Twin Shaft Vibratory Drive
This twin shaft vibratory drive features a proprietary design that produces the robust linear vibration required to deliver consistent motion to its large, high-capacity fluid bed dryers, coolers, screeners, and conveyors. Developed for smooth, high-volume, 24/7 operation, the new twin shaft drive advances the company’s standard forced vibration drive design with a low-maintenance approach that replaces gears, drive springs, counter reacting bases and crank arms with belts, oversized spherical roller bearings, and an enlarged eccentric counter weight. By eliminating gears and other wear parts, the new twin shaft drive eliminates oil lubrication, along with its inherent safety concerns, while operating at comfortable sound pressure levels of less than 80 dBA, 11% quieter than OSHA’s permissible industry standard. Witte Company, Inc., Washington, NJ 908-689-6500

Half-Frame Bulk Bag Discharging System
This custom-designed unit features the exclusive heavy-duty Flo-Master “breaker bar” bulk bag massaging system to promote product discharge. A powerful Flo-Lock actuated discharge spout closure system quickly halts material flow for partial bag discharge, allowing the bag to be retied and removed. The unit includes a fully integrated, dual rotor delumper, and 304 stainless steel product contact surfaces. Material Transfer & Storage Inc., Allegan, MI 800-836-7068

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