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October 19, 2010

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Technology Review

u2519_105880.jpgBelt Feed Scale
The Model 600NW Easy Clean belt feed scale allows fast and complete access to the belt feeder for cleaning. When running sweet feeds or other non-free-flowing products, the unit offers a quick release side slide out design. In less than five minutes the entire assembly slides out allowing for cleaning and maintenance. Equipped with VFD motors, the Model 600 allows for accurate two-speed bulk and dribble settings to ensure bag fill accuracy every time. Available in Simplex or Duplex configurations, it is offered with a variety of bag clamp designs for hand bagging or chute designs for feeding automated bag placers or form, fill, and seal machines. Hamer Inc., Plymouth, MN  800-927-4674

105881.tifDe-Dusting Systems
The OS-DeDuster has an offset inlet and outlet for installation in existing angled silo outlet pipes, without changing the pipe geometry. The design principle of this series remains unchanged, except that the unit has one elongated main wash deck, which allows it to eliminate the secondary wash deck used with the standard series. The RC DeDuster is a round model that is the shortest unit ever built. The product flows into an adjustable inlet funnel at the DeDuster. The adjustable inlet funnel distributes the product evenly to the CentraCone central conical wash deck that provides a smooth flow. Pelletron Corp., Lancaster, PA  717-293-4008

105882.tifVibrators and Drives for Hoppers
BEST heavy-duty air-powered-piston and rotary-electric vibrators and drives are designed for bins, hoppers, chutes, screeners, vibratory feeders, conveyors, tables, and other vibratory applications. All provide continuous maximum-force operation from 30 to more than 40,000 lb. These dust-tight, splash-proof motors provide excellent field performance in harsh environments including dirt, rain, and snow. Heavy-duty construction — including ductile-iron castings, steel end covers, and high-alloy fasteners — assures long life. Motors are available in 3600-, 1200-, and 900-RPM models, from 1/50 to 17½ hp. All units can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Metso Minerals Industries Inc., Brunswick, OH 800-827-9237


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Continuous Weigh Feeders
Better-Weigh continuous feeders are used for gravimetric feeding of dry bulk materials where it is necessary to determine actual feed rates on a loss-of-weight basis. Available in seven models with feed rates from 1 to 550 cu ft/hr, they provide feeding in either batch or continuous mode, depending upon the arrangement of the feeder’s control electronics. In batch mode, the batch controller is used to control the fast (bulk) and slow (dribble) speeds of the feeder. Accuracies of ±0.5% can be easily achieved in 2-lb or less batches, and ±0.25% with 3-lb or greater batches with time spans of 30 to 90 seconds. In continuous mode, the feeder’s electronic controller is used to constantly monitor loss of weight of material per time in order to maintain a continuous loss of weight with an accuracy of ±0.25% to 0.50%. Standard features include a platform or lever balance scale, sealed tactile keyboard, 7-digit numerical keyboard, automatic manual batching, and 2- or 5-cu-ft hopper. Sanitary construction is also available. Metalfab Inc., Vernon, NJ 800-764-2999

105885.tifLoss-In-Weight Rotary Feeder
The LWY-SC-RF loss-in-weight (LIW) rotary feeder is designed to handle extremely free-flowing and fluidizable materials. Developed in direct response to customers who were experiencing poor feeding accuracy with conventional LIW screw feeders handling fine materials, this design incorporates a rotary feeder that comes in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet a wide range of feeding needs. Ideally suited for applications discharging into pneumatic conveying systems, the feeder system can be configured for either continuous LIW feeding or batch. Weighing is done through a patented low deflection, non-wearing FMSS (Force Measurement Suspension System) flexure scale that measures vertical loading and can take high load directed overloads (1000%). The FMSS Scale design uses counterweights to negate the tare weight of the support structure, feeder, and bin. Thayer Scale-Hyer Industries Inc., Pembroke, MA 781-826-8101


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FIBC Filling System
This high-output filling system offers patented technology including a horizontal pivoting and rotating bag fill carriage for rapid and ergonomic operator connection of bulk bags. After bag connection, the bulk bag is automatically inflated, filled by weight to a programmed set point, and densified. Once the fill cycle is complete, the bag inlet spout and straps release, the fill head raises, and the filled bag is automatically indexed out of the filling station. Allen-Bradley PLC controls with a color PanelView operator interface provide easy access to system status, recipes, and operational parameters. Systems are custom designed to application requirements. Material Transfer & Storage, Allegan, MI 800-836-7068

105887.tifFull Cone Spray Nozzle
The MaxiPass L (MPL) has a clog-resistant design with a large free passage. High reliability spray performance is possible under the most difficult conditions. It easily handles dirty, contaminated liquids even without a filtration system, and vanes are locked in place. The smooth surfaces of the s-shaped MaxiPass L vane are less subject to corrosion and are made from 316 stainless steel, even in nozzles with brass bodies, extending the lifetime of the nozzle. In addition to the corrosion protection, the s-shaped vane, patterned after the patented BETE MaxiPass, offers larger free passage than the vanes of conventional compact axial full cone nozzles, improving process reliability through greater resistance to clogging. BETE Fog Nozzle Inc., Greenfield, MA 413-772-0846


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Data Transfer Cameras
For machine vision applications requiring high speed and high resolutions, SXG Dual GigE Cameras are capable of transferring data as fast as 240 MB/s at distances up to 100 m. Offering double the bandwidth of standard GigE cameras, the Dual GigE’s simple interface features two Ethernet cables that improve security and ensure that data is maintained even if one Ethernet cable is disconnected. The cameras are equipped with state-of-the-art Kodak sensors featuring Quad Tap readouts to simultaneously deliver high image quality and high frame rates. Image resolution for these cameras ranges from 1 to 8 megapixels and fram rates range from 16 to 120 frames/sec. Baumer, Southington, CT 800-937-9336

109349.tifRotary Airlock
Extremely hard and generous ceramic and tungsten carbide coatings make this rotary airlock highly abrasion-resistant. Lined with a thick ceramic coating that is designed to resist the most abrasive materials, the airlock offers heavy-duty design and construction. The construction features: cast body and end plate; 0.100-in.-thick ceramic bore; tungsten carbide throat protection; and heavy-duty fabricated 8-vane rotor. The ceramic lining gives the airlock reduced life cycle costs, increases running time, reduces downtime, and enables the airlock to last three to four times longer or more compared to other designs. FLSmidth Inc., Bethlehem, PA 610-264-6800


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Bin Activators
Available in a wide range of sizes from 2-16 ft in diam, these bin activators incorporate a dual baffle design that delivers continuous flow of dry materials without plugging, jamming, or bridging; an endless beaded flexible sleeve 7/16-in.-thick with 3-ply reinforcement that will not puncture, slip, or leak; solid steel suspension arms bolted 90° that can support up to 500,000 lb each to ensure the bin activator remains attached to the bin and cannot move off center; and a unitized vibrator and motor in a single, sealed enclosure with no belts to slip or break - unconditionally guaranteed for 30 months. Each unit also comes with a performance guarantee that specifies every bin activator is guaranteed to perform in accordance with specifications or the purchase price will be refunded. Metalfab Inc., Vernon, NJ  800-764-2999

109351.tifSanitary Bottles
The PSF line of bottles can be used for the storage, shipping, or transfer of solid product. A tri-clamp opening and sanitary construction provide for a sanitary, air-/water-tight seal. Constructed from T316L stainless steel with standard 12 Ra interior/exterior finish, these bottles are available in an assortment of sizes ranging from 0.2 to 20 l. The bottles can be custom modified to meet particular requirements with an assortment of options and accessories available. These include tri-clamp opening, fill, vent, and dip-tubes. Bottles come with end cap, two-segment heavy-duty clamp, and platinum-cured silicone gaskets as standard. Eagle Stainless Container, Warminster, PA 215-957-9333

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