Hosokawa to Host Live Containment Solution Demonstration

December 8, 2011

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Hosokawa to Host Live Containment Solution Demonstration

Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems will host a live in-house containment solution demonstration on Tuesday, March 6 and Wednesday, March 7, 2012 at its Summit, NJ facility. This free event is specifically designed to demonstrate equipment Hosokawa offers to powder processors for operator protection and to reduce potential product contamination.

In today’s safety conscientious processing environment, Hosokawa receives more interest from chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic customers for containment solutions – from easy-to-operate downflow booths to complex glove boxes capable of containment to less then 50 nanograms/cu m. Many plants are realizing the benefits of protecting their materials and their staff.

Hosokawa’s program will include demonstrations and presentations on Stott hygienic filling and weighing systems, a Stott flexible isolators, and a Vitalair downflow booth with live milling operations and material batching.

The event will start at 10:30 am and conclude by 2:30 pm with lunch provided by Hosokawa. The event will be offered twice to give guests scheduling flexibility and to accommodate more participants.

Devices included in Demonstration:

* Stott hygienic filling and weighing system - Accurate weight controlled filling systems from Hosokawa maintain the highest standards of hygiene, dust control and product integrity. Stable and repeatable weight readings are given to meet exact container weight specifications even in arduous conditions.

* Stott flexible isolator - Designed to meet the demands for a cost effective, flexible, barrier containment solution, the Hosokawa Stott flexible isolator offers companies involved in scientific research, biotechnology or pharmaceutical development, high level, product and personnel protection across a range of processing applications.

* Vitalair downflow booth - Downflow booths have a direct application in the pharmaceutical, fine chemical and food industries. Downward laminar airflow ensures complete safety for operators during weighing, drum filling, material transfer, and while operating small lab scale equipment. Air flows downward through a stretched polyester membrane in the ceiling, pushing any dust or vapors away from the operator's breathing zone.

* Universal Mikro Pulverizer (UMP-B) - Developed to provide an economical alternative for mechanical impact fine grinding. This mill is designed with all the possible versatility users’ demand while maintaining compatibility and scalability to the Mikro line of pulverizers. Some of the critical design features include, fabricated stainless steel construction with high speed rotor that utilizes sealed for life bearings.

* Mikro Laboratory Pin Mill (LPM-2) – The LPM-2 is designed for laboratory scale fine size reduction where small batches and flexibility are key factors in equipment selection. This unit with its high speed pin rotor design is capable of grinds down to D97 of 25 microns while maintaining high yields even when handling batches down to 5 g.

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For more information on Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems, visit www.hmicronpowder.com.

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