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February 8, 2011

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Sanitary Blender
This sanitary Vee blender blends various powder ingredients for the production of vitamins and supplements. The 8000-l sanitary blender was constructed in 316 stainless steel and includes a pneumatically actuated discharge valve with inflatable seat, radio frequency proximity switches for the loading ports, and a radio frequency level probe to monitor fill level when cleaning. The blender is positioned for loading or cleaning through the use of an encoder. The design of the blender increases shell strength while also enhancing discharge and cleanability. Vee and double cone blenders and dryers can be supplied from 8 to 8000-l and include jackets for heating/cooling, intensifier bars for deagglomeration and liquid addition, a vacuum outlet with filter housing, as well as various types of charging and discharging systems. Jaygo Inc., Union, NJ 908-688-3600 www.jaygoinc.com


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Replacement Filter
The HemiPleat NoOval replacement filter offers high filtration efficiency, excellent energy performance, and long life. Designed with an innovative “oval to round” configuration that allows a perfect fit into down flow-style dust collectors that use oval filters, the patent-pending filter carries a no-risk performance guarantee from the manufacturer. It is ideal for improving overall performance or solving problems such as short filter life with existing dust collectors. The filter features an exclusive Nano fiber media that is strong enough to handle the most difficult dust challenges. Its open-pleat design allows greater media utilization for more effective cleaning and lower pressure drop, resulting in extended filter life and energy savings. The Nano media comes in moisture-resistant (standard) or fire retardant versions, both with 99.99 percent efficiency on 0.5 micron particles or larger (MERV 14/15). Customers may also request regular (non-Nano) HemiPleat cellulose-blend media in high-efficiency, ultra high efficiency, flame retardant, or carbon-impregnated versions. Camfil Farr APC, Jonesboro, AR 800-479-6801 www.farrapc.com


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Large  Elevator Bucket
The 20 x 10-in. Xtreme Duty (CC-XD) elevator bucket accompanies Tapco’s existing 7- and 8-in. projection sizes. The elevator bucket operates at up to 940 ft/min. The bucket is reinforced with a 5/8-in.-thick front lip and has 1056.6 cu in. of capacity. The bucket is molded with 35-50% more resin than the CC-HD. The CC style bucket’s distinctive “breaks” on the bottom of the bucket provide an ideal product trajectory. The bucket is available in impact-modified nylon for rough and abrasive applications, severe-duty urethane for extreme abrasion resistance, and high-density polyethylene for free-flowing product applications. The bucket is ideal for demanding, super high-throughput applications. Tapco Inc., St. Louis, MO 800-288-2726 www.tapcoinc.com


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Movable Drum Lifter
This movable unit lifts, tilts, and rotates drums easily, safely, and precisely. Manufactured of rugged stainless steel and simple in design and operation, the drum lifter is ideal for transferring goods to processing or packaging equipment. To ensure cleanliness and prevent cross contamination, all main lifting components are built inside the lifter. Fabrication in stainless steel facilitates cleaning and prevents corrosion. The lifter can handle up to 770 lb and can lift up to 11 ft. Explosion-proof units are available, along with many options. The Ultra-clean stationary lifters are designed with electric motors to allow for safe, clean, quiet, and accurate operation. These lifters can be designed to fit any room height and lifting capacity. A “dust-free feeding system” can also be supplied. M.O. Industries Inc., Whippany, NJ  973-386-9228 www.MOindustries.com


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High-Volume Dust Collector
The V-5000 dust collector has a powerful 5-hp Baldor motor and a backward inclined fan wheel that provides 1498 CFM @ 1.65 in. of static pressure. The dust collector’s high-tech patented V-cyclone design is extremely efficient at ultra-fine dust separation, which greatly reduces filter cleaning. The unit was designed for collecting high volumes of super fine sanding dust and the GE H12 certified HEPA media filter guarantees 99.97% from 0.3-0.5 micron filtration. The single-phase 5-hp Baldor motor has a reputation for long life and reliability, and is U.S. made. The patented internal silencer quiets the collector to 81 dBA @ 10 ft. The collector can be set up in under an hour and the small footprint - 59 x 42 in. with a height of only 90 in., makes it ideal for small spaces. Oneida Air Systems Inc., Syracuse, NY 800-732-4065 www.oneida-air.com

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