November 6, 2007

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pbs0711p4a.jpgParticulate Sensors
These particulate sensors protect blowers, turbines, and vacuum pumps in powder-conveying, gas-processing, and heat-recovery applications. Rugged, sensitive, and virtually maintenance free, the sensors are designed to prevent costly unforeseen downtime and equipment repairs with real-time protection. The sensors are widely used in fly ash–conveying applications to detect abrasive coal dust where traditional optical and triboelectric monitors have been unsuccessful. Additional applications include turbine protection in top gas recovery at steel plants and detecting condensates in gas-processing applications. Sensor communications include 4–20 mA, Modbus, and Ethernet, while a display and alarm-relay contacts provide a local interface.
FilterSense, Beverly, MA 978-927-4304

pbs0711p4d.jpgContainment Valve System
This containment valve system is suitable for operation in areas where operator exposure levels are limited and high-containment operations are essential. The compact valve is designed in two sections, active and passive, and is air operated using only a single actuator. Centering bolts ensure proper alignment, while vacuum sealing and a connection to the dust-collection system guarantee complete containment and increased operator safety. The vacuum system also provides the locking system to prevent separation during operation. The lightweight unit operates without the connection of extra hoses or cables. A mobile cleaning unit provides cleaning of the active section, while the passive section can be cleaned in a container wash station. The system provides complete worker safety in a simpler, lighter, and easier-to-operate unit.
L. B. Bohle LLC, Warminster, PA 215-957-1240

pbs0711p4b.jpgExplosion-Venting Device
The IQR system protects powder and bulk solids processing plants and personnel from explosions and flames. Designed with advanced safety features, it provides protection against fire and explosions by trapping dust within its mesh lining and absorbing heat from flames and hot gases. The mesh acts as a heat sink that interrupts the explosion midstream while absorbing pressure waves and dust that would normally be ejected by extremely hot and powerful vented explosions. The contained and quenched explosion is reduced to harmless water vapor and traces of smoke. The fireball temperature of a dust explosion can easily reach 932°F. This system reduces the temperature to below 212°F, followed by a rapid cool-down because of its large surface area. The result is a negligible change in temperature in the environment surrounding the system. The system is maintenance free and manufactured using corrosion-resistant stainless steel that is suitable for all process functions, including food processing.
BS&B Pressure Safety Management LLC, Tulsa, OK 918-664-3921

pbs0711p4c.jpgPortable Auger System
The Arch•Master system is a portable miniaturized rock drill that is used for material that tends to arch or bridge across the entire vessel. Unclogging can be completed without hazardous human entry, and the work can be completed from the top of the vessel, completely eliminating the possibility of injury or death resulting from material collapse. The unit is built for tough duty but is lightweight for maneuverability. The 3- to 6-in. auger bits accommodate a variety of materials of varying hardness, and the standard drilling depth is 150 ft, with even greater depths possible. These capabilities are true for vessels of all types and shapes, not just cylindrical vessels. Despite its versatility, the system features five-piece, no-tool setup, making it easy to use and take down.
Mole•Master Services Corp., Marietta, OH 800-322-6653

pbs0711p4e.jpgTri-Lobe Rotary Air Blowers
RAM-X tri-lobe rotary air blowers have been redesigned to incorporate the latest technology for reduced noise and vibration. They have an exclusive Whispair discharge design that, when combined with the tri-lobe impellers, delivers air with reduced pulsation, less vibration, and quieter operation than conventional tri-lobe blowers. Reduced pulsation transmits less shock to the bearings, extending bearing life. All model sizes incorporate detachable steel mounting feet to adapt to a horizontal or vertical configuration. A driveshaft extension allows top or bottom drive.
Dresser Roots, Houston, TX 877-363-7668

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