Accurate Chemical Weighing

May 19, 2016

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Accurate Chemical Weighing
Automatic dosing system

An accurate and repeatable weighing of chemicals and additives in many industry sectors is paramount to achieving constant results free of human mistake. These requirements have lead Color Service to engineer a fully automatic system that solves many of the issues present when weighing products manually.

The functioning of the system is simple:

1. It forms automatically EVA bags from a tubular film and prints all information on the bag according to the recipe.

2. It weighs quickly and contemporary all components (stocked in storage modules of different capacities) into sealable bags achieving a production of two bags per minutes.

3. It discharges the sealed bags ready to be delivered to the mixer platform.

4. All these operations and weight data are recorded by intuitive management software. The customer has records and traceability of the dosing for quality and verification purposes.

Being completely automatic, the system provides labor savings. The operator is required just for the loading of products and for collection of ready bags in a health and safety environment.  

Color Service SRL, Dueville (VI), Italy +39 0444 366 000

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