Granulator & Dedusting Systems

January 16, 2015

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Granulator & Dedusting Systems
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Hosokawa’s granulator and dedusting systems economically recycle post-consumer and industrial-grade plastic materials for uniform, dust-free granulate at up to 10,000 lb/hr.

The patented cross scissor cut and double angle rotor on all granulators provide a high-shear slicing action that achieves efficient, uniform granulate with low plastic dust and fines. The rotor design of the granulators promotes clear, unobstructed access to the entire cutting chamber to utilize every inch of the cutting circle. This design maximizes granulator capacity by eliminating bottlenecks at the entrance and increasing the effective screen area.

While Hosokawa’s granulators produce relatively clean granulate, dust and fines can occur and, depending on your application, can adversely affect your processing and cause rejections. Often used in line with granulators, these dedusting systems efficiently remove dust and fines, reinforcing fibers, and separate paper from plastic, leaving you with clean granules.

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