Dust Collector and Cleanup Vacuum System

February 28, 2017

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Dust Collector and Cleanup Vacuum System
Volkmann offers dust collectors and vacuum cleanup conveyors.

Volkmann offers a range of standalone or integrated dust collectors and vacuum cleanup conveyors to accompany its product transfer offerings. Available in three sizes, 10-, 14-, and 18-in.-diam, the VSHC units are designed for high-volume air movement, providing effective dust control that meets ATEX Certified and explosion proof standards for any powder having a Minimum Ignition Energy of greater than 1 mJ.

The units are manufactured in all 316L contact parts and feature both the patented Volkmann modules for tool-free cleaning and filter system, as well as common seals throughout. They ship complete with collection pans that can be increased in volume by adding additional modules. Noise levels of 76dBA provide quiet operation. The units also feature a filter cleaning system that back pulses the filter at the simple turning of the on/off pump switch, resulting in longer use without the need to clean filters.

The VSHC units incorporate a 0.3 micron Quick Exchange filter as standard with optional HEPA filtration and a variety of hose size options and custom-designed hoods or pickup tools, to suit specific applications, whether they are for dust suppression, spillage cleanup, or reclaiming excess product. With vacuum levels as deep as 26 in. Hg, the units will cater to a wide range of materials, including dense metal powders such as those used in 3D Metal printing. Liquid and slurry applications, cuttings from machine tools, and cleanout of brake lining molds, as well as many other unique applications have all been undertaken.

Volkmann, Bristol, PA 609-265-0101 www.volkmannusa.com

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