July 9, 2015

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Dust Collection Sample Testing Program

Aerodyne Environmental, a manufacturer of industrial dust collectors and material handling valves, offers a series of dust collection testing programs for its GPC dust collector cyclone.
The program was designed to help customers diagnose problems in their current dust collection systems, from determining particle distribution of the dust sample, to removal efficiency testing either at Aerodyne's facility or at a customer's site.
"We understand that purchasing a dust collector or modifying your existing dust collection system can be a major undertaking", said Tom Hobson, owner of Aerodyne, "Every situation is unique with differing applications, conditions, and dust. That's why we offer multiple ways to test our GPC cyclone dust collector for your application. This allows you to see how the cyclone will operate with your existing system or dust.   
The GPC dust collector is a compact, high-efficiency cyclone dust collector. It has a dished ground plate that forces vortex reversal and directs fine particulate towards the hopper. The dished ground plate shields collected particulate from the cyclonic forces inside the separation chamber. The spiral inlet of the GPC directs the dirty gas stream toward the ground plate and hopper of the collector. Coupled with its compact size, this gives the GPC the ability to be installed horizontally with virtually no effect on the collection efficiency.
The GPC cyclone is ideal as a pre-filter for another dust collector or process equipment, a point of use cyclone, or a pneumatic conveying collector. Its small size and high efficiency allows it to be installed where other cyclones can't fit, while providing a higher removal efficiency.
The following are the testing options that Aerodyne offers for its GPC cyclone:
Particle Size Distribution Testing
•    Aerodyne will provide a particle size distribution report of your dust. A 5-gram sample and MSDS are required for the test.
•    Particle size distribution will help you figure out dust removal efficiency. Aerodyne not only provides your particle size distribution but will also provide a recommendation and expected removal efficiency using our cyclone.
•    Results usually take 2-3 weeks.
Testing at Aerodyne Facilities
•    Aerodyne will test your dust on our GPC-18 horizontal cyclone at its test facility.
•    Aerodyne will provide a particle size distribution test at the inlet and outlet of the cyclone.
•    Test results will be at standard temperature and pressure, with dust concentrations similar to concentrations provided by customer.
Testing at Customer Facility
•    Aerodyne has two (2) sizes of GPCs available to be tested at your facility: GPC-08 and GPC-18.
•    Units have less than 8 cu ft of internal volume, so they don't require explosion vents per NFPA 654.
•    Testing of the cyclone performance on your dust is done by directing a slip stream from your process.
•    Test results will be at actual temperature, pressure, and concentrations.
•    Factory personnel available upon request.
•    See below for a quick specification of the cyclones.
GPC-08 Horizontal
•    Airflow: 155 ACFM (1 in W.C.) to 350 ACFM (10 in. W.C)
•    Material of Construction: Carbon Steel or 304 Stainless Steel
•    Flanges:
        Inlet flange: 2.63 x 2.63 in.
        Outlet flange: 3.75 in. ID
        Dust flange: 8 in. ID

•    Scope included:
        GPC-08 only
•    Adders:
        Vacu-Valve airlock with Neoprene sleeve
        Particle size distribution test(s)
GPC-18 Horizontal
•    Airflow: 450 ACFM (1 in. W.C.) to 1500 ACFM (10 in. W.C.)
•    Material of Construction: Carbon Steel
•    Flanges:
        Inlet flange: 5 x 5 in.
        Outlet flange: 7.5 in. ID
        Dust flange; 8 in. ID
•    Scope included:
        GPC-18 horizontal cyclone
        Exhaust fan (800 CFM @ 10 in. W.C.) - 3 HP motor w/VFD
        Magnehelic differential pressure gage
        Support steel on skid
        Plastic dust hopper
•    Adders:
        Vacu-Valve airlock with Neoprene sleeve
        Filter housing w/filter (to collect any dust not collected
        by cyclone)
        Particle size distribution test(s)
To find out more about the GPC Dust Testing options, call Dan Navicky at 800-358-7546, or email [email protected].  

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