Dangers of Inadequate Containment; Are Downflow Booths a Solution?

December 18, 2014

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Dangers of Inadequate Containment; Are Downflow Booths a Solution?

On Wednesday, February 11 at 2pm Eastern, Hosokawa will host a live educational webinar focusing on “Dangers of Inadequate Containment – are Downflow Booths a Solution?”

•    What are the dangers of inadequate containment
•    Identifying options to solve your dust problems
•    How downflow booths protect operators & prevent accidents
•    Applications where downflow booths can be used
•    Design and process considerations in containment planning
•    Alternative dust containment solutions
Corporate responsibility and new government regulations are compelling plant managers to provide safer and cleaner environments for equipment operators. Dust contamination is not only messy; it can be dangerous when inhaled, or given the right conditions, even an explosion hazard. Downflow booths are flexible and economical dust mitigation solution that can control a wide range of dust problems.
This webinar is recommended for engineers designing processing systems or plant operators that are in the chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral, nuclear, or cosmetic industries. This program will be approximately 45 minutes long and will conclude with a question & answer forum. There is no fee to participate in this educational program.

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