Camfil Introduces HEPA/ULPA Filters

March 31, 2020

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Camfil Introduces HEPA/ULPA Filters
Camfil introduces Megalam EnerGuard HEPA/ULPA filters.

An advancement in HEPA filtration technology by Camfil is designed and developed to provide high-quality air filtration and decrease the cost of operation in industries operating cleanrooms.

Camfil introduces Megalam EnerGuard, a new range of HEPA/ULPA filtration solutions. After years of extensive research, continuous application-based testing, and performance measurement, Megalam EnerGuard ensures best filtration performance along with operational cost reduction in comparison to other HEPA filters.

The Biggest Industry Challenge
In cleanrooms, ventilation costs can be as high as 80% of the operational cost due to high fallout rate at installation and low energy savings. Ordinary HEPA filters are often damaged in the process of transportation, installation, or maintenance because of fragile filter media.

The Solution
Megalam EnerGuard offers technology that makes the filter more robust, reliable, and resistant to damage compared to traditional HEPA filters. Cleanrooms will be able to achieve a 0% installation failure rate during handling and operations along with longer life, consistency, and optimal performance. Megalam EnerGuard reduces the handling failure risk and protects the business from costs incurred due to accidental abuse during installation, maintenance, and production.

The construction, methodology, and science used in developing Megalam EnerGuard assures the lowest possible energy consumption. With 30-50% energy savings, EnerGuard provides high HEPA filtration and a longer service life. The filter maintains low pressure drop and ensures long period of filter replacement. This also makes sure that energy efficiency over the time will lead to reduced carbon emission and sustainable contribution to environmental footprint.

In a 10-year life cycle analysis, Megalam EnerGuard advanced technology can achieve savings up to 50% in total cost of ownership (TCO) that is calculated based on initial cost, replacement cost, labor and disposal charges, and energy consumption, compared to existing technologies.

“Megalam EnerGuard is an accomplishment as it addresses important customer necessities along with providing high level of endurance, its advanced technology is reducing cost of operation, and total cost of ownership significantly,” said Lionel Savin, global clean process product manager at Camfil.

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