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May 31, 2018

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Powder & Bulk Solids Releases Equipment Market Outlook
Learn more about the global and North American dry solids handling, processing, and packaging equipment markets as we move into the 2020s. Image courtesy of Pixabay

Manufacturing activity is expected to expand in the early 2020s in North America and several other regions. The food and beverage, chemicals, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, building materials, and automotive/aerospace industries are all predicted to post gains in the first half of the new decade.

To help our readers examine the outlook for the global and North American dry solids handling, processing, and packaging equipment markets as we move into the 2020s, Powder & Bulk Solids combed through publicly available forecasts to compile this comprehensive roundup of projections. Read the "Powder & Bulk Solids Equipment Market Outlook" report today to learn which types of technology are expected to witness the highest rates of growth into the first years of the next decade.

While manufacturers can view the horizon with optimism, global trade tensions are emerging that may put a strain on the market equipment outside of the U.S. If tariffs are placed on imported dry bulk material handling and processing equipment imported from the EU or APAC, U.S. OEMs may see a lift in domestic sales.

Categories of packaging, processing, and handling equipment covered in the report include:

-       Drying & Thermal Solids Processing
-       Dust Collection & Air Pollution Control (APC)
-       Explosion Protection & Safety Equipment
-       Feeders
-       Instrumentation & Control
-       Material Handling & Transportation
-       Mechanical Conveying
-       Mixers & Blenders
-       Packaging & Bagging
-       Particle Enlargers & Formers
-       Pneumatic Conveying
-       Screening & Separation
-       Size Reduction
-       Storage
-       Valves, Gates, & Airlocks
-       Weighing Systems & Scales

Regardless of on-going conflicts, some categories of equipment are projected to grow at a steady CAGR into the 2020s. To download the new Powder & Bulk Solids report, click here.

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