Feeder, Fluid Bed Dry and Cool Solar Salt

March 20, 2020

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Feeder, Fluid Bed Dry and Cool Solar Salt
Carman Industries solar salt dryer

Carman Industries offers a vibrating feeder working with a vibrating fluid bed processor to efficiently dry and cool solar salt.

The vibrating feeder spreads and uniformly feeds solar salt to a Carman fluid bed processor. The feeder includes easily cleanable, corrosion-resistant construction with 304 stainless steel product contact surfaces, epoxy paint system on structural carbon steel components, solid rubber isolators, and water-tight motors.

The vibrating fluid bed processor uses a design for recirculating the exhaust airstream that maximizes the heat recovery potential of the system. The sophisticated control system also maximizes the efficiency of the system and provides a consistently processed product under a variety of inlet conditions.

Carman Industries Inc., Jeffersonville, IN 800-456-7560 www.carmanindustries.com

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