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ACC Announces 2008 Responsible Care Energy Efficiency Award Winners

May 11, 2009

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ACC Announces 2008 Responsible Care Energy Efficiency Award Winners

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) is honoring 17 of its member companies for implementing energy efficiency improvements in 2008 that together saved enough BTUs to power a city the size of St. Petersburg, Florida for one year. ACC presented a total of 56 awards to these companies for their progress. Award winners will also be recognized May 13 at the Industrial Energy Technology Conference in New Orleans.

The Responsible Care Energy Efficiency Awards program is among ACC’s many ongoing initiatives to improve energy efficiency. These projects have the added benefit of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In 2008, the total annual energy savings achieved by the 56 projects was 18.9 trillion BTUs, while annual carbon dioxide emissions reductions were approximately 3.3 million tons.

“The chemistry industry is committed to being part of the climate solution,” said ACC president and CEO Cal Dooley. “This year’s award recipients are further evidence that our industry is applying innovation and new technology to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our own operations while offering the products that enable consumers and businesses around the world to do the same. From insulation and solar panels to wind turbines and lightweight vehicle parts, chemistry is a key ingredient for energy efficiency and renewable energy applications. These companies are leading the way.”

Since 1974, Responsible Care companies have reduced fuel and energy consumption per unit of output by more than half. As an industry, between 1990 and 2007, our absolute greenhouse gas emissions fell 16 percent, a reduction that would have exceeded the Kyoto Protocol target.

The 2008 Energy Efficiency Award winners were selected from five categories:

The “Energy Efficiency Program” award is given to companies with broad programs to achieve energy-efficiency improvements, with components such as establishing energy teams, goal setting, communications, management support, and recognition.

The “Significant Improvement in Manufacturing” award is given to companies that improve energy efficiency in their manufacturing operations through technical innovations, creative projects, or novel procedures or actions.

The “Environmental Impact” award is given for initiatives with substantial environmental benefits, including reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, in addition to energy-efficiency improvements.

The “Non-Manufacturing Improvement” award is given for improvements resulting from energy-efficient lighting, insulation, other building improvements, and other non-manufacturing energy improvements.

The “Public Outreach” award is given for an effective program of involvement with the community regarding energy efficiency and related environmental impact activities.

The companies receiving awards for 2008 are: Albemarle Corp., BASF Corp., Celanese, Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. LP, The Dow Chemical Co., Dow Corning Corp., DuPont, Eastman Chemical Co., ExxonMobil Chemical Co., ISP Chemco Inc., Marathon Petroleum Co. LLC, Monsanto Co., Novus International Inc., Occidental Chemical Corp., Perstorp Polyols Inc., Roche Colorado Corp., W.R. Grace & Co.

Individual ACC member companies nominate specific projects for recognition under the Award Program. The judging committee that determined the winners is comprised of selected members of ACC’s Energy Team. The judging committee was joined by James Eggebrecht, professor of engineering and director, Energy Systems Laboratory, Texas A&M University.

For more information, visit www.americanchemistry.com/newsroom.

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