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Hexion Specialty Chemicals Launches Albecor-Bio Low-Temperature Cure Powder Coating Resins

July 7, 2009

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Hexion Specialty Chemicals Launches Albecor-Bio Low-Temperature Cure Powder Coating Resins

Hexion Specialty Chemicals has launched Albecor-Bio, a family of bio-based, low-temperature cure powder coatings. The Albecor-Bio modified polyester technology, derived from renewable resources, results in powder coatings that are curable at low temperatures while retaining excellent durability and performance characteristics. The cost-effective coatings are suitable for use on a wide variety of materials including metals and heat-sensitive substrates.

“The Albecor-Bio powder coatings product range was developed in response to growing customer demand for coatings that are able to cure at lower temperatures than conventional systems available in the market today,” said Maurizio Crippa, business director, Industrial Coating Resins - EMEA. “The new powder coatings provide significant technical advantages while contributing to sustainability and energy efficiency through the use of bio-based raw materials.”

Albecor-Bio powder coatings demonstrate better appearance and improved properties when cured at low temperatures: from 140°C up to 15 ft @150°C or 10 ft @160°C, and cross-linked with b-hydroxyalkylamide. Through the bio derivate, the system’s novel polyester structure enables high reactivity and physical properties such as outstanding flow, non-“blooming” finish, and outdoor durability, according to Donato Di Lorenzo, marketing & product manager. The lower cure temperatures at application help preserve fossil fuel resources, increase energy efficiency, and improve air quality through reduced CO2 emissions.

In addition to low-temperature cure, the Albecor-Bio powder coatings exhibit outstanding water spot resistance and excellent wettability for higher pigment loading, enhancing cost effectiveness, according to Di Lorenzo.

This innovative technology was awarded with the prestigious “R&D 100 Award” by R&D Magazine as one of 100 most significant technological advances in 2008. The technology was presented during the European Coating Congress in Nuremberg, Germany, as well as at the European Coating Conference “Bio-based Coatings,” in Berlin.

Albecor-Bio powder coatings are part of the Albecor powder coating product range, specifically designed for low thermally cured powder coating resins. With these products, Hexion continues its work to help replace reliance on petrochemicals with alternative renewable feedstocks in the production of a wide range of materials.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Hexion Specialty Chemicals serves the global wood and industrial markets through a broad range of thermoset technologies, specialty products, and technical support for customers in a diverse range of applications and industries. Hexion Specialty Chemicals is controlled by an affiliate of Apollo Management L.P. Additional information is available at www.hexion.com.

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