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PTX/Powder Shows Moving into New MarketsPTX/Powder Shows Moving into New Markets

November 12, 2012

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PTX/Powder Shows Moving into New Markets

The PTX/Powder Shows will continue moving into new markets in 2013, with a PTX Texas show scheduled for October 2013. But to better understand why UBM Canon, Powder/Bulk Solids’ parent company, is moving into these markets, we asked Howard Friedman, event director for UBM Canon.

1. Why are we expanding the Powder Shows into regional markets such as Canada, Brazil, and Texas?

The International Powder & Bulk Solids Show in Rosemont, IL is the most comprehensive event of its type in North America. It has long served a comprehensive array of industries including food processing, chemical, plastic, fabricated metals, medical/pharmaceuticals, and many others. It attracts attendees from almost every state and many international locations. Held in even years, the International Powder & Bulk Solids Show is intended to provide buyers and sellers with face-to-face meetings, a place to discover the latest innovations, an easy place to compare alternative suppliers and technology, and the best location for networking for career growth.
    The reason we added North American events is because the tradeshow attendee’s behavior has changed. Lean manufacturing and a challenging economy means that many cannot afford the time and costs to fly to Chicago. To serve these changing needs, we added locations to increase the convenience and likelihood of attending our events. We added events in Houston, and rotate Canadian events between Montreal and Toronto.
    The reason we launched the Brazil tradeshow is more related to exhibitors’ interest in meeting highly qualified buyers and purchase influencers in South America’s largest and fastest growing economy. This emerging market is also an economic driver of the South American continent.

2. Why are we targeting these markets (Canada, Brazil, and Texas) in particular?

Toronto and Montreal were selected because of their strong manufacturing bases for Canada and the border with many U.S. manufacturers located nearby. These markets have industries that are appropriate and large enough to support an event. Houston was selected because it is one of the largest (and fastest growing) manufacturing hubs. While Houston is noted for its oil exports, it is also a petrochemical and food-centric area (from the standpoint of powder & particulate handling)
    The launch of PTX Brazil, as mentioned before, responded to exhibitors’ interest in attracting an entirely new (and growing) market. UBM has an office in Brazil that handles the event and works diligently to help exhibitors be successful.

3. Are there any fears that by adding these Powder Shows there will be any dilution of the “big” Powder Show in 2014 in Rosemont?

Our intent is to expand the market for suppliers and provide excellent educational content to attendees. When we reviewed our Rosemont attendee database, we identified that few attendees came from Texas and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. With a large database of qualified buyers in these regions, we decided to bring the show to these large, underserved markets.

4. If someone wants to exhibit at a show, who do they contact? If someone wants to speak at conference, who should they contact?

To learn more about exhibiting, please contact Albert Sabbah at 310-996-9473 or [email protected]. To be considered for a speaking opportunity, please contact Louise Challis at 310-445-4200 or [email protected]

5. We are about two weeks out from PTX Montreal (and will already have taken place when this issue comes out). How would you say the response has been so far?

The response to the PTX Montreal pavilion has been excellent with 20 exhibitors. Pre-show registration has been above forecast. There is also some exciting news: Christian Paradis, minister of industry, will make a presentation to open the show on November 14.

6. What makes our Powder Show better than the other shows dedicated to the processing markets?

For attendees, the International Powder & Bulk Solids show is the largest and most comprehensive gathering of industry expertise in North America. Nothing can compare to the meetings, networking opportunities, displays of equipment, and hours of available educational programming at the International Powder & Bulk Solids event. What’s even more important is that attendees and exhibitors tell us they meet peers and find new ideas that help them with their current challenges – we call this “tradeshow serendipity”. By having a broad representation of industries represented in one event, attendees can discover “new ideas” by importing and incorporating solutions found in “industry specific” events.
    For exhibitors, the Powder & Bulk Solids show by UBM Canon delivers a predictably large number of highly qualified buyers and purchase influencers. We keep our events current by leveraging key industry relationships, such as the Process Equipment Management Association (PEMA). No other domestic event delivers the return on investment for process industry suppliers.

Please visit our Web site at www.canontradeshows.com/expo/industry_powder.html.

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