Pelletron Announces Stimulus Plan for National Plastics Industry

March 19, 2009

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Pelletron Announces Stimulus Plan for National Plastics Industry

Pelletron Corp. and Graystone Bank, both Lancaster, PA-based companies, have signed a stimulus package benefitting the National Plastics Industry. The package offers free support to plastics processing companies investing in optimization of their manufacturing processes and improving the quality of their products. In today’s competitive environment, lowering production costs while maintaining product quality is important to business survival. This stimulus package is designed to give businesses the tools to survive in these economically challenging times.  
Pelletron offers plastics processing companies a special discount for a limited time for investments in a manufacturing cost-saving machine-–the DeDuster. Dust and streamers are the major factors for high scrap rates at the plastic molding or extrusion processes. Black spots, white spots, gels, and blurry surfaces are caused by fines in the plastic resins. The DeDuster removes these fines before processing in a molding machine or an extruder, resulting in lower scrap rate, reduced maintenance costs, higher quality of the end product, and longer life of the feed screw. To calculate the individual cost reduction and return on investment, a ROI calculation program is provided on the company’s Web site.

Pelletron is working with its vendors to provide discounted pricing on accessory equipment for a limited time. For more information, visit

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