New Double Flap Valve Seal Reduces Maintenance, Improves Performance

March 16, 2015

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New Double Flap Valve Seal Reduces Maintenance, Improves Performance
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Plattco Corporation launches EZ Seat, a way to replace the wear edge on Double Flap Airlock valves to reduce maintenance time and cost, and increase valve performance.

In several pilot implementations, EZ Seat has delivered benefits in systems conveying cement kiln dust, limestone dust, sandstone dust, fly ash, and other abrasive materials.

With the EZ Seat, plant operators no longer have to replace the entire wear component of their Plattco Double Flap Airlock valve during maintenance procedures. Instead, they can simply replace a bolt-on, lightweight wear edge. In most instances, the EZ Seat replaceable component is approximately one-fifth the weight of the entire wear component. This enables one person to perform maintenance quickly and safely instead of requiring the aid of an extra person and taking up to six times as long.

The EZ Seat component also makes it possible for plant operators to customize their valve installation using one of several new high-performance materials, including a specially designed elastomer or PlattAlloy, the company’s wear-resistance metal.

EZ Seats are available on the Plattco H-Series, the premium heavy-duty valve, and the S8-Series, a high-performance valve designed for use in environments where headroom is restricted. The EZ Seat innovation is patent pending.

“We designed EZ Seat to solve several operational challenges facing our customers,” said Dean Surprenant, engineering manager, Plattco Corp. “Plant operators installing EZ Seats on their Plattco H-Series or
S8-Series valves stand to get significant return on their investment through better conveying system performance, at reduced cost.”

Because the replaceable wear components are smaller, lighter, and less costly than an entire valve wear mechanism, companies using EZ Seat also can reduce inventory and shipping costs. The Plattco EZ Seat complements the company’s valve regrind program in which valve parts are reground and restored to their original airlock seal.   

Plattco Corp., Plattsburgh, NY 800-352-1731

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