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Magnetic Bullet Separator

Article-Magnetic Bullet Separator

Global Equipment Mktg. Inc.With no moving parts and a magnet system that is warranted for life against loss of magnetic strength, the Mastermag magnetic bullet separator will eliminate tramp ferrous metals from ending up in the finished product and will prevent costly repairs, eliminate downtime, and be able to ship a product free from metal contamination. This powerful rare earth or permanent ceramic magnetic device is an efficient, cost-effective method for keeping product ferrous-free in chutes, pipelines, or ducted systems. These manual clean units can be used in vertical or horizontal applications, for both gravity and pneumatic systems. As material flows over the magnet, ferrous particles are attracted to the high-intensity magnetic surface and securely held in position until cleaning. The magnet has been designed for quick and easy cleaning, reducing downtime to a minimum.
Global Equipment Mktg. Inc., Boca Raton, FL 866-750-8662 www.globalmagnetics.com