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Leistritz Expands NJ Twin Screw Extrusion Process Lab

Article-Leistritz Expands NJ Twin Screw Extrusion Process Lab

Leistritz has just completed a significant expansion of its New Jersey twin screw extrusion process laboratory in Somerville by adding a controlled environment room (temperature and dew point) for developing products for the plastics, medical, and pharmaceutical industries. 

Areas of expertise include compounding, devolatilization, and reactive extrusion. On-site equipment includes five twin screw extruders, 20+ feeders, and downstream systems for pelletization, film/sheet, laminates, and profiles. Recent additions to the laboratory include: ZSE-50 MaXX twin screw extruder with 300 HP motor and 1.66 OD/ID ratio; Nano-16 mm twin screw extruder to process 20 to 100 g batch samples; Supercritical injection system for development of foamed products; Co-extrusion tooling for film/sheet sampling; Strand and underwater pelletizing equipment for production rates to 2000 lb/hr.

A laboratory capabilities flyer and rate sheet are available upon request. For more information, call 908-685-2333.

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