November 3, 2006

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Dry-Storage Aeration and Unloading System
The Airauger System lets the operator unload large storage facilities safely and thoroughly. Custom-designed systems and precision-made perforated steel decking aerate dry solids during storage and unload them efficiently. Fans, electric controls, and all serviceable components are mounted outside. No one has to crawl inside to maintain dangerous equipment, reclaim residue, or contend with toxic dust and fumigants.
Airlanco, Falls City, NE 800-500-9777

Bolted and Factory-Welded Tanks and Silos
Company manufactures smooth-wall bolted and factory-welded tanks and silos for dry bulk storage. Trico-Bond EP and AR-LON 6100 coatings utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide corrosion and abrasion resistance with great flow characteristics. Coatings are factory applied and thermally cured in controlled-environment conditions at ISO-certified facilities. Each silo is individually engineered for its application, which enables the customer to select such customization options as drive-through skirts, specialty hoppers, leg supports, passive flow control devices, tanks on load cells, internal blending, peripheral conveyor supports, and interior maintenance platforms.
Columbian TecTank, Kansas City, KS 913-621-2145

Flat-Panel Bolted Tanks
Company manufactures flat-panel bolted tanks for dry bulk storage. The hopper-bottom silo features leak-free designs in capacities up to 100,000 cu ft. They have smooth walls with no interior ledges or exterior flanges. The designs represent an improvement in function, aesthetics, and installation over previous bolted configurations. Coatings are electrostatically applied to achieve a uniform protective coverage with edge. The flat-panel tanks can be installed with electric hydraulic jacking technology, which keeps the erectors safely on the ground.
BOSS Tank, Oswego, KS 620-795-2570

Dry Material Storage Silos
A full line of Flowmaster storage silos are offered in sizes from 130 to 1000 cu ft. They have ultra-smooth and durable interior surfaces that provide long life and excellent material flowability. Wall thicknesses up to 2 in. offer superior resistance to impacts and environmental stress cracking and provide translucency for easy material-level viewing. One hundred percent HDPE material construction complies with FDA Reg. 177.1520, NSF/ANSI 61 standards, and USDA standards while eliminating corrosion concerns and associated maintenance costs.
Snyder Industries Inc., Lincoln, NE 402-467-5221

Discharger, Valve, & Feeder
Through innovations in design and control logic, just one piece of equipment is needed to discharge and accurately feed product from any Matcon IBC or small silo. Working in a metered or batch feed situation using loss- or gain-in-weight principles, the Vari-Stroke can quickly and easily hit the target weight and then positively shut off flow in an instant. It is compatible with any current design of Matcon IBC and can easily be mounted in any existing discharge station support frame. Its recipe-based batching software is capable of storing data concerning the flow characteristics of any powdered dry solid.
Matcon USA Inc., Sewell, NJ 800-962-8266

Loss-In-Weight Portable Bin Unloader
The design of this line of loss-in-weight portable bin unloaders allows for accurate discharge and metering of material stored and transported in either side- or bottom-discharge portable bins. The system can be configured for either continuous loss-in-weight feeding or batch feeding. Weighing is done through a patented low-deflection, non-wearing force measurement suspension system (FMSS) flexure scale that measures vertical loading and can take high load directed overloads (1000 percent). The FMSS scale design uses counterweights to negate the tare weight of the support structure, feeder, and bin. The entire scale capacity is thus used to weigh material, resulting in the best possible weight signal resolution.
Thayer Scale-Hyer Industries Inc., Pembroke, MA 781-826-8101

UN-Approved Pail
Company offers an 8-liter, 818 UN pail, ideally suited for providing safe and secure packaging for classified dangerous solids such as solid pool chemicals. This pail is the newest member of the company’s complete series of UN pails, which also includes pails in 5-, 11-, and 20-liter sizes. Meeting all of Transport Canada’s UN regulations for housing dangerous solid goods, the 818 UN also features the Tamper Evident System, complete with an easy-to-open tear-strip lid.
IPL Packaging, Saint-Damien, Quebec City, Canada 888-554-0553

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