Rolled Tapered Panel Tanks Aid Mineral Distributor

September 19, 2016

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Rolled Tapered Panel Tanks Aid Mineral Distributor

A mineral distributer in Jasper, MO is expanding in a market that has grown exponentially in the last few years. It began in 2013 when the company bought the land for their Jasper branch from brothers who owned a quarry. They have since developed this purchase into a successful mineral distribution site that has – since its recent plant - been under some intense growing pains.
Phase 1 of this company’s growth goals included the necessity of mineral storage. They commissioned 10 large shop-welded tanks from Tank Connection for its crushed minerals. The Jasper branch’s close proximity to industrial customers, however, meant that the demand for its product was stretching past the company’s capacity to fill orders. This was, in large part, due to a shortage in storage.
Having reached its Phase 1 goal, a year later, the company was beginning Phase 2 and in need of even larger storage containers. When considering tank options, it was important to the customer that its product, used in chemical applications among other things, was not contaminated during storage. Because of this requirement, flat storage options were unrealistic. This left the customer with two main options.
Previously the customer had chosen shop-welded tanks, but while the shop-welded tanks offered several benefits, Tank Connection provided a better alternative in a dry bulk RTP (rolled tapered panel) design that offered a size that the shop-welded tanks could not.   
The RTP tanks are available in sizes from 2000 to 150,000 cu ft, which fit the size requirement. In Jasper, the tanks needed to stand 26 ft, 8 in. in diam. and 85 ft tall -- more than 34,000 cu ft.
Selecting the RTP tanks was a more economical decision. For one, the tank cost was lower. Part of this price difference was due to the tank’s storage capacity. For each of the four RTP silos that were provided, multiple shop-welded tanks would have been needed. Bolted RTP tanks install in one-third the time of a field-welded tank, which helped the customer meet increasing demand. The RTP tanks also required less equipment, cutting down the customer cost even more. Additionally, because so much of the tank volume is stored vertically, the customer also saved real estate space, which will be important as the branch continues to grow.
The silos provided were designed in a 4-pack configuration, two rows of two. The type of tank chosen for the project was the bolted RTP design from Tank Connection (TC). This design was chosen for its strength and its size. These tanks feature a smooth wall (no ledges) tank interior and exact manufacturing tolerances. The tanks are designed to hold a heavy product, such as limestone, which weighs in at 100 lb/cu ft. In other words, the weight capacity for these tanks allows them to hold 1000 tn each.
Utilizing Tank Connection’s proprietary, synchronized jacking process, Tank Connection crews were able to construct the two storage tanks in just a few weeks, achieving the customer schedule in a timely fashion. This building process allows large dry bulk and liquid storage tanks to be jacked from grade level, while field installation crews remain on the ground.
The silos also provided the solution to another problem the customer had: Finding a lining that could handle the abrasive nature of the crushed limestone being stored. The RTP silos are lined with a fusion performance coating that is rated higher than glass for performance over time, meaning that these tanks will be up to industry standards with minimal upkeep for years to come.
Once the storage issue had been solved, the customer’s goal of quickly filling its trucks for delivery had to be considered. Because the customer sells minerals in bulk, loading the trucks is an area they wanted to speed up. The goal was met by designing each silo with the appropriate hopper for the grade of limestone being loaded. Two hopper angles chosen were a 45-degree and a 60-degree angle funnel based on the coarseness/grade of the limestone being loaded. The angles were specified to give the optimal flow rate. State-of-the-art loading systems are fabricated to the specific needs of the customer. Having a proper loading system provided the customer with the quick-load capabilities needed.
Each silo was also constructed with a truck drive-through opening that included a doghouse enclosure between two of the silos. This enclosure allows the limestone to be loaded directly into the trucks, cutting out the time-waste of manually loading the trucks. Additionally, the direct loading process eliminates the potential delays of loading in inclement weather.
The process from getting minerals from storage to the customer would not be complete without weigh scales, which are incorporated with the silo design. Including the scales with the design of the tank skirt was the last step in speeding up the transportation process so that the limestone product could be moved out.
According to Tank Connection’s manufacturer representative, Midwest Process Solutions, “Due to good customer service, Tank Connection was given the second order for larger tanks.”
When customers call the sales representatives at Tank Connection, they are quickly set up with answers to their questions, quotes (in most cases single day turnaround), and customized tank designs. Because of the turnkey process -- from idea to installation -- Tank Connection also has a complete line of support services through the entire storage tank purchasing process.
Tank Connection was able to install the tanks in a timely manner. The construction of the Jasper silos finished on time. Meeting deadlines was particularly important in this case because it meant the customer was able to meet the growing market demands of its end users.
Tank Connection provides for all types of integrated storage systems. The company designs, fabricates, and installs all four major types of steel storage tanks, including RTP, field-weld, shop-weld, and hybrids. For more information, call 620-423-3010 or visit

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