RFP Buildings Receive FM Fire Rating

Non-occupancy buildings are ideal for hazardous storage applications.

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December 15, 2023

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Denios FM-approved Rack Fire Protect (RFP) non-occupancy buildingImage courtesy of Denios US

Denios US has received FM approval for its Rack Fire Protect (RFP) non-occupancy buildings.

Fire rated for two hours at 2,192°F, they minimize the risk of fire spreading, making them ideal for the storage of flammable chemicals, lithium-ion batteries, and other volatile materials. Designed in Germany and proven in hundreds of installations worldwide, they are now manufactured in the US for North American installations. A variety of standard sizes are manufactured in the Louisville factory.


The FM Approved mark is recognized and respected worldwide. It is assigned by FM Approvals, an international leader in third-party testing and certification processes property loss prevention products for use in commercial and industrial facilities, to verify that they meet rigorous loss prevention standards of quality, technical integrity, and performance. They employ a five step worldwide certification process that is backed by scientific research, testing, and over a century of experience. FM Approved is the global standard for loss prevention certification.


DENIOS chemical storage RFP buildings offer secure and legally compliant storage solutions for flammable, corrosive chemicals, and lithium-ion batteries. The adjustable racking system can accommodate up to 48 drums or 12 IBCs. Whether in single- or double-tiered configurations, these designs effectively organize hazardous materials, ensuring proper segregation.


Complying with various standards such as FM Approval 6049, NFPA, OSHA, EPA-CFR 40, NBCC, NFCC, and ETA/21/0642, RFP buildings guarantee adherence to safety regulations. Featuring a bi-directional fire rating, they provide a robust two-hour fire protection system that maintains minimal temperature escalation on the external surfaces during an internal fire event. RFP structures are ideal for storing securely sealed containers containing flammable, volatile, and environmentally hazardous substances.


Denios US, Louisville, KY 877-388-0187 www.denios-us.com

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