January 2, 2020

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Relieving Material Build-Up in Storage Units
Figure 1

Material build-up often leads to reduced plant productivity and higher cleaning costs, as well as increased safety risks to maintenance staff. Such issues can be avoided by undertaking measures including blockage and build-up removal and silo and hopper cleaning.

In this example, arch-shaped clogging occurred in a sand hopper in the raw material storage area of a glass factory. During the winter, sand tends to absorb moisture. If the product extraction takes a while, the product will compact.

The solution recommended was a de-clogging sequence via Airchoc air cannons to solve the bridging encountered during sand storage: four AC51010SD devices, DN 100 50 l in the middle of each face of the hopper in order to push the material towards the extraction. (see figure 1)

Standard Industrie also recently intervened at a steel factory to clean the coal hopper. The customer had a low recovery collection capacity. In this case, the use of the pneumatic Gironet was the solution for the cleaning of silos and the reduction of their stock. The intervention will increase the capacity of collection in order to avoid supply disruptions. (see figure 2)

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