Union Process Develops Attritor for Inks and Coatings Supplier

Union Process Inc. produced and delivered a circulation attritor to a major US coatings and colorants technologies supplier.

Powder Bulk Solids Staff

February 24, 2021

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Image courtesy of Union Process

Union Process Inc. has produced and delivered a “Q” series circulation attritor to a major US coatings and colorants technologies supplier.

The UP Q-25 circulation attritor is fitted with a 27.5-gal grinding tank capacity, a 250-gal circulation tank, 25-gal media volume, and a 20-hp explosion-proof motor with variable speed drive for precise speed control. The unit also features an alumina-lined grinding chamber, ceramic agitator arms, and an advanced control system that simultaneously monitors and regulates temperatures, flow rates, batch times, and other process critical functions.

“This model is widely recognized for its robust design and rugged build, in addition to is proven technology,” said Chuck Major, Union Process sales manager. “Because so many of these Q-25 units are in use, they’re also very easy to service, maintain, and upgrade.”

“The key advantages of circulation grinding include a high circulating or pumping rate—the entire contents of the holding tank are passed through the mill up to eight times per hour, resulting in a faster grind and narrower particle size distribution,” Major added. “Unlike a continuous machine where the slurry makes a single pass, the material makes many passes through the grinding chamber until the precise desired particle size is obtained.”



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