Two Mills in One for Laboratory Use

July 9, 2015

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Two Mills in One for Laboratory Use
Union Process Inc. offers a combination laboratory mill that offers the versatility of two mills in a single footprint.

Union Process Inc. has manufactured a combination laboratory mill that offers the versatility of two mills in a single footprint.
The HD-01/HDDM-01 combination lab attritor is ideal for customers who require the ability to process both fine and coarse material and/or want to perform multiple-stage grinding. Using a single motor, frame, and set of controls, the customer can mill coarser material using larger grinding media (3 to 6mm) at lower agitator shaft speeds (200-650 rpm) using the HD mode. For submicron and nanometer range target particle sizes, the mill can be operated in HDDM mode which utilizes smaller grinding media (0.25 to 2mm) and higher agitator shaft speeds (1500-3000 rpm).
Switching between HD and HDDM mode is easily accomplished by releasing the hinged belt guard (equipped with quick disconnects), moving the drive belt to the appropriate set of pulleys, and re-securing the belt guard. The coupling, agitator shaft, and cover can also be changed depending upon which mode the attritor is being operated in.
The combination mill is available with a choice of two drive systems: the electronic variable frequency drive (explosion-proof or non-explosion-proof) or the mechanical variable speed drive (explosion-proof). The HD-01/HDDM-01 combination lab attritor can be configured with metal-free contact parts when necessary and is compatible with the full line of HD-01 and HDDM-01 interchangeable parts and accessories to maximize versatility.
"This unique design is a cost-effective solution for customers looking for the ultimate in versatility for a lab mill,” said Emery Li, sales manager at Union Process. “The HD-01/HDDM-01 attritor, when configured appropriately, can be used for dry milling, wet milling, milling under inert atmosphere, and even cryogenic milling. It truly is one of the most versatile mills in our product offering when you consider the various milling modes, options, and available accessories."
Union Process Inc., Akron, OH 330-929-3333

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