The mill’s design allows operators complete and unobstructed access to the unit’s internals.

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Kemutec Air Classifier Mill
Kemutec's new easy-clean air classifier mill Image courtesy of Kemutec

With a design that delivers easy cleaning access for ultra-fine dry grinding applications, Kemutec’s easy-clean air classifier mill is the latest model in the PPS range.

The mill’s design allows operators complete and unobstructed access to the unit’s internals, simplifying the cleaning process and maximizing production uptime.  

“The easy-clean design allows thorough and verifiable cleaning of removable components like the rotor and classifier, plus full access to the internal surface of the milling chamber, which minimizes the possibility of cross-contamination,” said Karin Galloway, Kemutec’s executive director of sales. 

Fast-Paced Recipe Changes

The easy-clean mill provides unhindered access to the hard-to-reach areas where material residue can accumulate. This makes it particularly suited to applications like powder paint processing, where color changes require regular cleaning between batches.  

Paint products’ sensitive color recipes means cross-contamination has a huge operational impact, potentially wasting entire batches and causing unplanned production stoppage. The PPS easy-clean mill’s optimized design offers a clear solution to these challenges. “The ease of access enables major reductions in clean-down time between color recipe changes, resulting in less downtime, more uptime and increased production capacity,” explained Galloway.

Hygiene-Focused Applications

The easy-clean air classifier mill also enables faster, safer, more fluid production for hygiene-focused applications, like dairy processing. Here, key challenges include minimizing the health risks and avoiding recalls resulting from bacterial contamination in milk, casein, and whey powders. 

Like every air classifier mill in the PPS range, the easy-clean’s temperature-controlled operation can be calibrated to achieve the desired particle size distribution without degrading heat-sensitive food products. With the easy-clean’s open design and simple to remove components, hygiene protocol can be strictly observed with efficiency, enabling better outcomes for product and productivity.  

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