November 29, 2017

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Direct-Drive Mill
The newly designed PKA Velocity Series mill

The newly designed PKA Velocity Series mill now has dual air inlets controlled by air damping valves to control the volume of air intake into each of the air inlets in the mill chamber. These double the amount of air intake into the mills cutting chamber. The mill also has dual material outlets, which takes the material out of each side of the mill to reduce residence time and heat build-up in the mill. The direct drive mill is powered by a 150-hp motor, which is driven by an inverter drive mounted into the control panel of the machine for the mill motor. An inverter drive is used, so the motor draws only 50-55 amps at start-up of the mill, unlike other starting methods utilized by other machines that causes huge power draws and spikes in customer’s electrical demand, and dramatically increases the cost of electrical usage for our customers. The inverter drive also serves other purposes in the system, like adjusting the tip speed of the mill’s disks should control be needed to alter grinds of some resins.

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