Pneumatic In-Line Magnetic Separation for Food Industry

March 30, 2020

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Pneumatic In-Line Magnetic Separation for Food Industry
Bunting pneumatic in-line magnet

Within the food industry, pneumatic conveying is utilized to convey a wide range of granulates, powders, and other particles. Frequently, pneumatic conveying is used to transport some of the most essential ingredients in our diets, including flour, salt, sugar, coffee, and spices. Because these products are considered such staples, they are handled in enormous quantities at a time. There is a risk in any food processing application for metal contamination to occur, but when handling up to 20 tons of flour at a time, it is an even greater risk simply because of the volume of product. To combat this problem, Bunting offers pneumatic in-line magnets designed specifically for dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems in the food industry.

In order to strike a balance between efficiency of operations and purity of product, these pneumatic in-line magnets have been designed for unobstructed product flow. Product will be able to travel rapidly through conveying lines as usual, but when it passes over the powerful rare earth magnet, metal contaminants will immediately be pulled out of the product flow and trapped against the magnet’s surface. By utilizing this high-energy tapered step plate magnet, even the smallest metal particles can be safely and swiftly removed from the product stream. Its powerful magnet field covers the entire cross-section of product flow in order to capture contamination from every angle. The product is easy to integrate into existing systems, with quick in-line installation made possible by compression couplings.

The purpose of pneumatic conveying lines is to deliver fast and seamless transport of bulk product throughout your processing plant. However, product purity cannot be sacrificed in the name of efficient transport. Metal contamination may enter at any stage of the process, but these magnets allow you to implement a magnetic separation solution (for removing ferrous contamination) directly into your process. By providing an integrative solution, they allow you to minimize downtime associated with installing new equipment and greatly improve the purity of your product.

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