MPI Unveils New Drawer Magnet

New magnet features two-in.-diam magnetic tubes.

Powder Bulk Solids Staff

September 18, 2023

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Drawer Magnet
MPI unveils the Intell-I-Mag drawer magnet.Image courtesy of Magnetic Products Inc.

The new Intell-I-Mag drawer magnet features two-in.-diam magnetic tubes.

Every two-in. drawer magnet system comes equipped with Intell-I-Mag, or Intell-I-Mag is ready for future upgrades. This built-in "intelligence" empowers operators with insights into optimal magnet cleaning schedules and maintaining peak magnetic performance, ultimately reducing plant downtime and saving customers time and resources.

The patented Intell-I-Mag communicates vital magnet saturation levels to plant personnel via Bluetooth and/or local monitoring connections, precisely indicating when magnets require cleaning and, equally crucial, when they do not.

The design utilizes one or more rows of 2-in.-diam magnetic tubes to filter ferrous metal from bulk free-flowing product streams. This delivers high separation performance, boasting formidable holding force and increased flux density, effectively removing the smallest fine metal particles. The wider spacing between magnetic tubes is engineered to facilitate higher product flow capacity, especially in applications where products tend to bridge or choke. Optional product baffles can further enhance product flow and augment magnet capacity for capturing weakly magnetic materials, such as work-hardened stainless steel. The design strikes an optimal balance between product flow capacity and powerful magnetic separation.

Magnetic Products Inc., Highland, MI 248-887-5600

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