Magnetic Separators for Pneumatic Line Processing Applications

April 28, 2010

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Magnetic Separators for Pneumatic Line Processing Applications

Industrial Magnetics Inc. offers three types of magnetic separators to trap unwanted ferrous metal from processed products in pneumatic line applications: the Pneumatic Line Housing (PLH), the Bullet Magnet, and the Exposed Pole Tube Magnet.

The (PLH) is suitable for processing dry, powder, and granular materials in dilute-phase systems and is configured with a series of 1-in.-diam, 50 MgOe rare-earth tubes on staggered centers. This design ensures that all product flowing through the housing makes repeated contact with the magnets and results in a capture rate of ferrous and weakly magnetic stainless contaminants that exceeds any other magnetic separator available for this type of application. The PLH is also available as a self-cleaning, sealed unit that eliminates line pressure drops and surges, is leak-proof up to 15 PSI, and eliminates the need for operator-required cleaning of metal contamination.

The Bullet Magnet is also used in dilute-phase systems and is commonly utilized ahead of processing equipment and bulk load out to assure product purity and protect machinery from tramp metal damage. Aerodynamically shaped with a solid, stainless steel nose cone diverter, the flow-thru design of the Bullet Magnet maintains uniform velocity in-line flow, allowing it to be used anywhere in the pneumatic system. Bullet Magnet applications include: movement of powder and granular, flour, chemical, plastic, food stuff, pharmaceutical, and mineral materials.

The Exposed Pole Tube magnet is utilized in pneumatic line applications where product degradation is a concern, with fibrous products, or products that have a higher moisture content with a tendency to clog or congeal. The EP Tube consists of a rare earth plate magnet on a hinged door, which allows the magnet to be swung out of the product flow for cleaning collected tramp metal. Applications include the processing of pelletized foods, feed or grains.

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