February 7, 2017

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Dust-Tight Centrifugal Mill Sifters
Gericke MK-3 centrifugal mill sifter

Gericke MK-3 centrifugal mill sifters features a square construction with flat doors, which seal tight against the casing, eliminating dust leaks that could have serious implications with ATEX. The square construction also offers a superior release area.

All models in the range include a new basket design enabling 360° screen rotation within the machine. This capability simplifies the inspection process allowing a single operator to inspect from one side of the sifter, while eliminating manual handling and the inherent hygiene implications of having to remove the screen on a regular basis for check-ups. Standard machines include bearings at both ends, combining optimum performance with simplicity of design to allow servicing and maintenance by internal staff.

In addition to the traditional nylon screens, anti-static, perforated plate, and wedge wire screens are also available to suit the demanding needs of the many and varied applications where these sifters are used.

Standard designs are pre-engineered, reducing delivery times. Models can be manufactured form carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, or 316 stainless steel with a high-quality finish.

Gericke USA Inc., Somerset, NJ 855-888-0088 www.gerickeusa.com

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