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American Pulverizer Co. and Hustler Conveyor Co. to Supply Metal Separation System to Hawk Steel

American Pulverizer Co. and Hustler Conveyor Co. have been selected by Hawk Steel in Kennendale, TX to supply an offline non-ferrous metal separation system for its existing American Pulverizer Co. automobile and scrap shredding system.

The system should be in operation early September of this year. It includes a Hustler Tumbleback metering conveyor, trommel screen designed for three size splits of materials that will be fed to the fines separator, standard Eddie current, and overs (5-in. plus) going to a picking conveyor.

The system also includes an S&S (Sicon technology) induction coil machine for further removal of non-ferrous materials. The platforms are designed for access to all of the equipment and offer multiple pick areas for more efficiency. The system is designed to allow operators to re-circulate any of the separated streams for further recovery of materials allowing for higher percentage of non-ferrous recovery per ton of ferrous scrap produced.

For more information on American Pulverizer Co., visit www.ampulverizer.com. For more information on Hustler Conveyor Co., visit www.hustler-conveyor.com.

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