Advanced Detection Systems Awarded Patent for Vibration Monitoring and Compensating Technology Used in Proscan Max Metal Detector

October 27, 2010

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Advanced Detection Systems Awarded Patent for Vibration Monitoring and Compensating Technology Used in Proscan Max Metal

Advanced Detection Systems’ newly patented ProScan Max metal detection technology monitors and compensates for production conditions that effect sensitivity performance. Working in real time, the computer compensates for the effects of conveyor and floor vibrations caused by forklift traffic, product impact, along with the shaking effects caused by reject mechanisms and other processing equipment.

A common complaint with metal detectors is the high number of false rejects or false positives that food processors experience during production. Food metal detectors are often placed in extreme production conditions that subject them to vibrations, shaking and harsh conditions that directly affect the performance of the metal detector. With the ProScan Max technology, these conditions are compensated for automatically, which improves the metal detector’s sensitivity to smaller metal contaminates. “When it comes to food safety and quality control, the industry is demanding improvement in the detection capability of metal detectors”, explained Wayne Eide, marketing manager for Advanced Detection Systems. “Continually checking and compensating for these conditions is a revolutionary improvement toward detecting smaller metal contaminates regardless of ambient production conditions. The ProScan Max metal detector solves two major concerns that food processors face; better sensitivity levels and with no false trips.”

The detector incorporates proprietary technology in its electronics. Its rugged all-welded conveyor construction and wash-down design is ideal for food processors.

Chief engineer Joe Simon stated, “Because the software tracks and adjusts the metal detector from the effects of vibration and other adverse production conditions, the net result is optimum sensitivity performance that is reliable and repeatable”.

With the ProScan Max technology, food processors can expect better sensitivity, more up time, stable and consistent metal detection, and the assurance that the rejected product is truly contaminated. “As a result of the ProScan Max technology, food processors are assured that a rejected product is truly contaminated and puts to rest any doubt if it was a false trip or a truly contaminated product,” said Wayne Eide.

Additional features of the unit is an easy-to-use touch screen, 1-2 pass product set up, auto calibration, USB data down load, Ethernet and optional remote diagnostics capability.

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