BS&B Pressure Safety Management LLC Announces ASME Code Certified Buckling Pin Pressure Relief Device

April 7, 2010

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BS&B Pressure Safety Management LLC Announces ASME Code Certified Buckling Pin Pressure Relief Device

BS&B Pressure Safety Management LLC, a leader in non-reclosing pressure relief devices, has announced that the BPRV Buckling Pin Relief Valve may be certified according to the 2009 addendum of ASME Section VIII, Division 1, bearing both the UD stamp and NB mark.  
Since 2004 Type BPRV buckling pin valves have been available from BS&B with the ASME “UD stamp” based upon certification according to ASME Code Case 2091-3. The latest addendum to ASME Section VIII, Division 1 welcomes ‘pin actuated devices’ to full Code status following completion of Code committee formalities for this important pressure relief technology. This is an important step for those jurisdictions and users whose safety rules require that pressure relief devices shall be ASME Code Certified.
“The 2009 addendum is more thorough in terms of mechanical requirements, material selections, and inspection of pin device manufacturing,” said Joe Kelly, global sales director, BS&B Valve Technology. “This really underscores the importance of choosing a manufacturer who has performed certified capacity or flow resistance testing, can provide certification documentation, and who manufacturers its buckling pin products in accordance with industry standard safety requirements as determined by the applicable rules of the ASME Boiler and pressure vessel code”, he said.
The patented design of the BPRV is based upon the offset shaft butterfly valve concept. The offset of the shaft results in a turning moment being generated about the valve shaft when a pressure differential is applied across the device.  A buckling pin mounted externally to the process normally resists this turning moment. By calibrating the buckling pin to activate at a load coincident with the shaft torque generated at a predetermined differential set pressure, the BPRV provides accurate pressure relief.
The BPRV is a high flow rate ‘in-line’ pressure relief device. With the buckling pin installed external to the piping system, reset of the BPRV can be rapidly carried out while the valve remains installed, subject to there being no pressure in the piping system. Standard set pressures range from 1 to 275 psig with sizes up to 60 in. nominal pipe size; special requirements to over 2000 psig can be achieved. In line with the ASME Code, the BPRV is certified at the customer requested set pressure. This certification is a result of buckling pin activation tests conducted in the completed BPRV valve to confirm compliance with set pressure and opening requirements.
The BPRV is used in many applications to increase both safety and user productivity, now assisted by the available ‘UD stamp’ which covers use of the valve in gas, liquid, and vapor service.

*UD is a registered trademark belonging to The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

* NB is a registered trademark belong to The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors

BS&B Pressure Safety Management LLC provides pressure relief devices, explosion protection systems, and related hard wired and wireless monitoring solutions to industry. For more information, visit

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