Webinar: Understanding the “Heart” of the Pneumatic Conveying System

May 13, 2019

2 Min Read
Webinar: Understanding the “Heart” of the Pneumatic Conveying System

On May 14, 2019 at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific, Eric Maynard, vice president, Jenike & Johanson, will present "Understanding the Gas Flow Generator – the ‘Heart’ of the Pneumatic Conveying System" as part of Powder & Bulk Solids' DryPro free webinar series.

Many of the pneumatic conveying problems of plugging, wear, and particle attrition can be the result of improper gas flow. Selecting the right gas/air mover, such as the fan, PD blower, or compressor, is a vital decision when implementing a pneumatic conveying system. This webinar will review the features of these gas movers, as well as general selection tips to help the attendee with decision making on which is appropriate for their conveying system.

*Learn the four basic components of a pneumatic conveying system
*Understand the differences between various gas movers such as blowers, PD blowers, and compressors
*Review common pneumatic conveying difficulties and how to generally alleviate them

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