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Pneumatic Conveying 131

August 3, 2007

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Pneumatic Conveying

pbs0708p20a.jpgDense-Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems
These dense-phase pneumatic conveying systems utilize small amounts of high-pressure, low-velocity air to gently transfer controlled “slugs” of dry powdered or granular materials through enclosed convey lines. The systems reduce component wear; minimize product breakage, degradation, and segregation; and are ideal for abrasive, fragile, friable, or mixed-batch materials. An air management system enhances efficiency by injecting air into the convey line via strategically placed air assists. This technology lowers overall resistance, decreases air pressure requirements, and improves material flow.
Nol-Tec Systems Inc., Lino Lakes, MN 651-780-8600 www.nol-tec.com

pbs0708p20b.jpgVacuum Conveyors
The C-series of conveyors is ideal for conveying starches, powders, and other dry ingredients that are typically used in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. Powered by a pneumatically driven vacuum pump, these systems safely and quietly transport up to 10 to 15 tn/hr of material in virtually any manufacturing or processing environment. The vacuum conveyors are made of AISI 316L stainless steel and can cope with the most demanding circumstances. The filter design can trap particles down to 0.3 µm and can be equipped with a HEPA filter. The design of the new conveyor improves vacuum-assisted flow by 25% without affecting energy consumption.
PIAB, Hingham, MA 800-321-7422 www.piab.com

pbs0708p20c.jpgDilute-Phase Pneumatic Conveyors
These pneumatic conveying systems streamline dilute-phase handling of dry bulk solids and provide dust control. The company specializes in air management systems and pneumatic conveying components such as blower packages, airlocks, receivers, and bag dump stations. Positive-displacement blower packages feature heavy-duty frames and adjustable motor bases, as well as inlet and outlet silencers for a quieter working environment, indoors or out. Machined airlocks are built for the high-pressure, heavy-duty demands of dilute-phase conveying, with fabricated steel rotors and rugged cast housings of carbon or stainless steel.
Airlanco, Falls City, NE 800-500-9777 www.airlanco.com

pbs0708p20d.jpgAir-Powered Conveyor
The heavy-duty Line Vac is a powerful in-line conveyor that transports high volumes of material through ordinary hose or tube. Commonly used to transfer complex shapes, bulk solids, and waste, the unit features large throat diameters that make it possible to convey more material over long vertical and horizontal lengths. The conveying rate is typically twice that of ordinary air-powered conveyors. The conveyor ejects a small amount of compressed air through directed nozzles into the throat to produce a vacuum on one end and high output flows on the other. Response is instantaneous. The material conveying rate is easily controlled with a pressure regulator. An optional bracket permits easy mounting. The system ensures maintenance-free operation because it has no moving parts or electricity.
Exair Corp., Cincinnati, OH 800-903-9247 www.exair.com

pbs0708p20e.jpgVacuum Receivers
P-series vacuum receivers offer the option of a special swing-away filter head design for easy access to the filter for cleaning and maintenance. The swing-away head includes a special FDA-approved composite material for the swing mechanism. This design allows the operator to completely swing out the filter head and remove the filter without having to lift the cartridges out from the top of the receiver, which is ideal for tight-headroom applications such as loading of tablet presses. The conveyors feature a sanitary design and are constructed of Type 316L stainless steel with FDA-approved gaskets.
K-Tron Process Group, Pitman, NJ 856-589-0500 www.ktron.com

pbs0708p21a.jpgPowder Receiver
The Series³ 2420 powder receiver provides high-efficiency material separation when handling fine powders as well as regrind, granular materials, and even pellets. This receiver features a low overall height by incorporating a cyclonic primary separator coupled with an internal-cartridge secondary separator with automatic air-pulse cleaning. Each receiver is available with a check valve to allow multiple receivers to draw material from a common conveying line. The unit features an easy-access band clamp, providing toolless entry into the interior of the receiver for cleaning and filter maintenance.
Premier Pneumatics Inc., Salina, KS 785-825-1611 www.premierpneumatics.com

pbs0708p21b.jpgPneumatic Conveying Systems
This company builds systems for debottlenecking existing systems or designs complete turnkey plants. Dense-, dilute-, and strand-phase conveying systems; rotary valves; diverter valves; pellbows; and dedusting solutions are available. System design, engineering, and testing are also offered. Applications include railcar loading and unloading systems, pneumatic transfer systems, bagging stations, truck loading and unloading systems, and extruder feeding.
Pelletron Corp., Lancaster, PA 717-293-4008 www.pelletroncorp.com

pbs0708p21c.jpgCustom-Designed Pneumatic Conveying Systems
Dry, granular materials can be moved gently, reliably, and with significant reduction in product degradation or system wear using these pneumatic conveying systems. Each system is custom designed to achieve the optimum performance characteristics at the highest efficiencies. Sixteen different pneumatic conveying concepts utilizing both pressure and vacuum have been developed for handling a wide variety of dry bulk solids, providing a conveying solution that best fits the process.
Dynamic Air Inc., St. Paul, MN 651-484-2900 www.dynamicair.com

pbs0708p21d.jpgCustom Conveying Systems
Easy cleaning and quick disassembly are features of these dilute- and dense-phase pneumatic conveying systems for sanitary applications in the food, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries. The photo shows a complete sanitary-grade system, including a blower and aftercooler equipped with a HEPA filter, conveying pharmaceutical-grade sugar. Installation, startup, and ongoing support are available.
Nu-Con Equipment, Chanhassen, MN 952-279-5210 www.nucon.com

The Smart Elbow for pneumatic and slurry conveying systems virtually eliminates elbow wear, product degradation, plugging, surging, cross-contamination, noise, turbulence, etc. Because of its design, product changes direction by deflection rather than impact with the elbow or pipe walls. The elbow is available in a variety of sizes, alloys, and end configurations for pipe and tube systems. Free trials and one-year warranties are offered.
HammerTek Corp., Landisville, PA 800-505-9665 www.hammertek.com

pbs0708p21f.jpgDilute-Phase Vacuum Conveying
A variety of dilute-phase vacuum conveying solutions are available and effective if dust and noise control are a concern. If material is received in a drum or other container that must be emptied (into a conveying hopper), vacuuming directly out of the drum can eliminate the dust. Such a vacuum conveying system can also serve as a general housekeeping system. The company offers Hoffman and Lamson multistage centrifugal exhausters and Turbotron regenerative exhausters as part of a complete vacuum conveying system that also includes the separator and accessories.
Gardner Denver, Quincy, IL 800-543-7736 www.gardnerdenver.com

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