Plattco Awarded Patent for Pneumatic Conveying Valve Seal

September 17, 2014

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Plattco Awarded Patent for Pneumatic Conveying Valve Seal

Plattco Corp., producer of advanced material handling valves for industrial applications, has been awarded a patent for a high-pressure mechanical shaft seal that improves the performance and maintenance-free operation of industrial valves in high-velocity, high-pressure conveying systems.

The high-pressure mechanical shaft seal features a unique design that enables industrial valves to operate flawlessly over long time periods in conveying systems that maintain air pressure of up to 42 psi. The high-pressure mechanical shaft seal is made using corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel and can operate without the use of an external air source and without adjustment over long time periods.

“In designing the high-pressure mechanical shaft seal, we’ve solved a number of problems experienced by industrial companies that need to convey highly abrasive materials in demanding environments,” said Dean Surprenant, the Plattco engineering manager who played a key role in the product design. “Our new patented design eliminates the excessive wear on valve shafts and housings typically caused by highly abrasive materials under high pressure.”

Plattco was awarded US Patent No. 8128095 for the design that incorporates the shaft bearing into the industrial valve housing as a self-contained cartridge. Plattco also incorporated design features that eliminate the need for scheduled lubrication and maintenance, and make the shaft seal easy to replace.

In recent years, the high-pressure mechanical shaft seal has been installed in Plattco’s Double Flap Airlock valves, supporting companies in cement, fertilizer, asphalt and several other industries that handle abrasive materials in their operations. Numerous companies have installed the valves with the high-pressure mechanical shaft seal to eliminate emission-related problems caused when lantern ring air purge seals fail, enabling abrasive material to escape into the atmosphere.

“The Plattco high-pressure mechanical shaft seal is an outstanding improvement for the Plattco product line,” said Rich Halliday, Jr., asphalt plant superintendent at Wilkes-Barre Materials, LLC, operator of an asphalt plant in Northeastern PA. “We first installed the new shaft seals on the valve that pneumatically conveys the material off our baghouse in 2010. Since then, we haven’t had to touch them to perform maintenance. That’s really impressive when you consider that we’re using the valves to remove fine (200 mesh) material that’s about 300 degrees.”

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