Cyclonaire Offering Hands-on Pneumatic Conveying Seminar

August 10, 2010

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Cyclonaire Offering Hands-on Pneumatic Conveying Seminar

Leading experts in the field will be presenters at a seminar devoted to key aspects of pneumatic conveying to be held on September 21-23, at the CycloTech System Proving Facility in York, NE. “The Theory and Practice of Pneumatic Conveying” will include live demonstrations of full-scale pneumatic conveying systems in the CycloTech facility, as well as roundtable discussions. Sessions will cover topics ranging from the basics of pneumatic conveying to system design, plus hands-on troubleshooting techniques.

The seminar has been planned so plant supervisors, system designers, process engineers, and potential buyers at all levels of familiarity with pneumatic conveying can benefit from attending. Presenters will include: Paul Solt, principal consultant at Pneumatic Conveying Consultants; Joe Marinelli, consultant for Solids Handling Technologies; and Scott Schmid, vice president of engineering for Cyclonaire Corp., a systems provider of pneumatic conveying equipment.

Solt is recognized worldwide for his work in pneumatic conveying. He writes a column for a trade magazine, teaches in the U.S. and abroad, does in-plant studies, evaluates systems, and has contributed many technical articles. Marinelli has been providing consulting services since 1972. As a former associate with Jenike & Johanson Inc., he has many years of experience testing solids and designing equipment to achieve reliable flow. He lectures and has published several articles, including a chapter in a chemical encyclopedia. Schmid is a mechanical engineer with 15 years of experience in the design of simple through complex pneumatic conveying systems. In addition to his responsibilities in research and development, Schmid is also called on to troubleshoot systems for a wide range of industries.

The CycloTech System Proving Facility is the only private testing site in the U.S. that offers full-scale simulations of virtually all pneumatic conveying applications. The CycloTech research laboratory is open to engineers, scientists, customers, and potential purchasers of conveying equipment for testing samples of dry bulk materials in dilute-, semi-dense, and dense-phases – in vacuum, pressure, and combined vacuum-pressure modes. The facility can be used to determine how materials behave when conveyed and how new or existing equipment will handle specified conveying requirements.

The two-and-half-day seminar covers dilute-, semi-dense, and dense-phase conveying and features live full-scale demonstrations of all system types in the CycloTech facility. For detailed seminar information and to register, call 800-445-0730 or visit

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