May 24, 2017

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Complete Pneumatic Vacuum Transfer Systems
Volkmann pneumatic vacuum transfers systems

Volkmann designs and manufactures pneumatic vacuum transfers systems providing contained powder, tablet, and small particle transfer – from product unloading through final packaging. The systems ensure secure, reliable, and environmentally safe powder handling and transfer throughout the production process, making the work of production staff simpler and safer, while offering a cost-effective material transfer method for powders and small particles. The systems include: dense phase vacuum conveyors free of segregation, damage, or abrasion; bulk bag unloaders; bag dump stations; weighing and dosing systems, delumpers and dust collection systems – all featuring stainless steel construction. Conveyors are ATEX certified, able to transfer even the most critical of materials safely, and are suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, and food production.
Volkmann, Bristol, PA 609-265–0101

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