Powder & Bulk Solids Ranks the Top Agglomeration Videos

August 5, 2019

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Powder & Bulk Solids Ranks the Top Agglomeration Videos
Instant coffee, pictured here, is an agglomerated powder found in many households around the world. Image courtesy of Pixabay

From instant coffee to powdered laundry detergent, agglomerated powders and bulk solids are found in nearly every home in the world and are produced in most major industries, including food and beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, household cleaners and soaps, and agricultural solutions. Agglomeration happens when several small particles are attach themselves to one another or are “glued” together by another solid, forming a larger particle. To help readers better understand this process, Powder & Bulk Solids created this list of the top agglomeration-related videos available on the internet.

#1: “What is Agglomeration?”
IFP Inc.

Walt Zachowitz, managing director of specialty ingreidents at Innovative Food Processors (IFP) Inc., a producer of agglomerated and microencapsulated food and nutrition ingredients, provides a comprehensive explanation of the concept of powder agglomeration in this well-produced video. Take note of the section on the various types of agglomeration “bridges” that help bond particles together.

#2: “Powder Agglomeration in a Nutshell”
Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems

Pairing live demonstrations with a technical lecture, process technology firm Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems presents this overview of powder agglomeration. The instructors provide information on methods of enlarging particles, drying agglomerated material, and engineering agglomeration systems.

#3: “Agglomeration – The Basics of Food Gums: Innovation Edition”
TIC Gums

Food texture and stabilization solutions firm TIC Gums offers a look at how agglomeration is used in the production of food gums and several innovations that have furthered the hydrocolloid industry. Viewers will learn how agglomeration can provide proper dispersion and proper hydration compared to dry mixing and other traditional methods when producing gums for the food industry. 

#4: “Particle Agglomeration in Microgravity”
Saturday Morning Science (via YouTube user Plasma Ben) 

In this segment from the television show Saturday Morning Science, NASA astronaut and chemical engineer Donald Pettit discusses experiments with agglomerating particles from various materials in microgravity while he was serving aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

#5: “Rotary Drum Mixer Agglomerating Powders”
Continental Products Corporation

The Technical Director of Continental Products Corporation shares how rotary drum batch mixers can help agglomerate many types of powders. Viewers can learn a bit about how powders are agglomerated in rotary drum batch mixing equipment and see an example of the process’ results with topsin powder.

#6: “Agglomerates & Aggregates”
Wan Anis

YouTube user Wan Anis created this short, handy animated video explaining the differences between primary particles, agglomerates and aggregates in 2018. Check this out to for an overview of the science behind agglomeration and to learn how agglomerated materials form.  

#7: “Agglomeration Technology Webinar”
Hosokowa Micron Powder Systems

Originally recorded in 2015, this webinar discusses the range of particle size enlargement equipment available for specific applications. The presenter also lectures on system designs and configuration and the development of agglomeration processes in food, chemical and pharmaceutical facilities. 

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