January 3, 2013

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Ludman Industries Certified by Russian Federation

Ludman Industries, a producer of custom engineered compactors and briquetters has been certified by the Russian Federation to distribute its compacting and briquetting equipment in Russia.

Mandatory certification is required by Russian law. Gosstandart of Russia is a government organization charged with maintaining and enforcing this certification system. Therefore, Ludman Industries has been issued a “GOST Russia Certificate of Conformity”.

“Each Ludman briquetter and/or compactor is custom engineered to meet the various demands of each individual client,” said Jim Lenahan, president and CEO of Ludman Industries. “Our engineering team makes a considerable effort and is tremendously focused on engineering the perfect product for our clients.”

“The Ludman Industries briquetters are designed to run 365 days of the year,” said Al Severns, VP of sales. “They must be perfectly engineered and robustly built to withstand that type of usage. We stand behind our product and proudly say that our machines are the best and most dependable compactors and briquetters assembled, requiring little maintenance and minimum down time.”

“The expansion of the Ludman Industries distribution to Russia sets Ludman Industries as one of the world’s largest international suppliers of custom-designed and built compactors and briquetters,” said Lenahan.

Founded in 1968 and formerly known as Ludman Machine Co., Ludman Industries, Milwaukee, is a global manufacturer of compactors, briquetters, granulators, and flaking and shredding mills. The company provides complete agglomeration process solutions from testing, design, and production through distribution to customer support.

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