Free Basics of Material Agglomeration Webinar

August 19, 2015

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Free Basics of Material Agglomeration Webinar

When selecting the optimum particle size enlargement technology for a specific application, both the specifications of the feed material as well as the requirements for the final product need to be considered. Agglomeration is a specific particle size enlargement process in which particles are “glued” together to increase its particle size. Reasons to increase particle size can be to improve flowability, dispersibility/wettability, density, reducing dust or product appearance, and to prevent segregation.

On Wednesday, September 30 at 2pm Eastern, Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems will host a free educational online webinar focusing continuous agglomeration technology such as the Schugi Flexomix and how devices like it can improve material characteristics. This webinar will review:
•    The principles agglomeration and wet granulation – how it works
•    Why agglomerate materials – benefits and problems
•    Technologies available for wet granulation
•    Factors and considerations in plan an agglomeration process
•    Applications and materials that improve with agglomeration

This webinar is designed for all process engineers in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, mineral and cosmetic industries. It will be approximately 30 minutes long and conclude with a question and answer forum.

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