Sustainable Packaging System for Powder Products

April 23, 2020

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Sustainable Packaging System for Powder Products
The Elematic 2001 WAH case packer offers efficient use of packaging materials, including solid board and corrugated board of any quality and material.

Syntegon Technology is introducing a bagging and case packing system for powder applications with brand new features.

The system yields a number of new sustainability benefits: the SVE 3220 Doy Zip vertical form, fill, and seal machine can now use recyclable plastic and paper mono-materials. The Elematic 2001 WAH case packer can use corrugated blanks made from grass fiber. “We pay close attention to sustainability and pursue a ‘circular economy’ approach that is mirrored in the machines we are showing at our virtual show (May 7-13, 2020),” said Pierre Hamelink, director of global business, market and sustainability strategy for food (vertical) at Syntegon Technology in Weert, the Netherlands. “Syntegon Technology strives to provide intelligent packaging solutions throughout the entire machine cycle.”

The SVE 3220 Doy Zip and the Elematic 2001 offer their high levels of flexibility and productivity. With a bag-filling degree of up to 80% on the SVE 3220 DZ, powder manufacturers now require less film to pack the same weight of product, thereby reducing packaging material consumption and contributing to sustainability. As part of the system, the Elematic 2001 packs 16 cases per minute, with each case containing five powder-filled stand-up bags. Since the two machines can both process recyclable materials, Syntegon offers a solution that supports manufacturers in their sustainability efforts.

Recyclable Mono-Materials for All Vertical Pack Styles
The SVE 3220 Doy Zip vertical form, fill, and seal machine has received a major upgrade in terms of sustainability. Manufacturers can now process sustainable polyolefin-based mono-materials as well as paper packaging, enabling them to pack their products in the most popular bag styles, namely pillow, gusseted, block bottom, corner seal, and Doy (Zip) bags. The polyolefin-based mono-material can be recycled by pyrolysis and re-used in the food industry, while paper-based materials can be recycled via the waste-paper stream. Depending on the product and film specifics, existing Doy Zip machines can be retrofitted with upgrade kits for mono-material films.

The overall performance and flexibility of the SVE 3220 Doy Zip has been improved: Bag heights of up to 320mm are now possible and format changes only take 30 minutes. The machine achieves an output rate of up to 100 Doy Zip bags per minute.

Syntegon Technology, Waiblingen, Germany +49 7951 402-648

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