Stainless Steel Bag Break Station Automatically Controls Dust in Sanitary Processes

Unit empties bagged powders without workplace contamination.

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AFC Dump Clean sifter
Automated Flexible Conveyor unveils a sanitary version of its AFC Dump Clean bag break station. Image courtesy of Automated Flexible Conveyor Inc.

Automated Flexible Conveyor unveils a sanitary version of its AFC Dump Clean bag break station.

Developed to safeguard food, nutrition, pharmaceutical, and other sanitary environments from dust contamination, the hygienic Dump Clean features an integrated fan and filter system that continuously draws any fine particles inside the unit before they can escape as nuisance dust. As bags, sacks, or other containers are emptied, the material passes safely through the loading grate and into the hopper for transfer via a flexible screw conveyor or other conveying system.

Custom-engineered to meet the cleanliness and contamination control requirements of each installation, the latest Dump Clean features stainless steel construction as standard and continuous, full penetration interior welds with a polished finish to meet cGMP requirements and eliminate the potential for trapping and accumulating material. The ergonomic design minimizes manual lifting, invites easy access to the cartridge filter for quick replacement, and permits disassembly for complete cleaning.

The food-grade Dump Clean bag break station is designed and manufactured at the company's NJ headquarters. Product and performance testing are offered live in person and online by live stream from the on-site test center.

Automated Flexible Conveyor Inc., Clifton, NJ 800-694-7271

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